Thursday, April 21, 2011

I FOUND MY CAMERA!!!!!!! :D (Plus More Party Pics)

Okay, so strictly speaking, my mom found my camera (thanks, Mom!!). :)  It was in the trunk of my car all of this time!  We'd gone to my aunt's house for a birthday lunch for my daughter on Sunday, and I'd put the camera in a bag of extra clothes and necessities.  I'm guessing it fell out before we got there, and before we came home we put a bunch of boxes in the trunk.  It must have gotten shoved to the back of the trunk, where it stayed until my mom randomly looked through the trunk again yesterday.

I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am!  I had lots of pics on my memory card still that I hated to lose.  Not to mention that a camera is a pretty expensive thing to lose! :{

Now that I have it back, I thought I'd share some more pics from the Dolly and Me party.  :)

Here's another full view of the refreshment table. :)

Birthday muffins:  girl and doll-sized.

Teddy Grahams, Oreos, and Goldfish for girls and dolls.

I thought this was really cute.  My middle daughter arranged her Teddy Grahams all in a row on her plate. :)

Here's a close-up of the doll party hats my aunt and mom made.  The tall butterfly hats in the back were purchased from Dollar Tree for the big girls.  For the doll hats, my aunt and mom used thick blue paper, rolled it into a cone-shape and attached it in the back with a metal brad.  Then they put sticky-back foam butterflies on the front and taped string to the inside of the hat (to tie around the doll's chin).

Mini Josefina (and mini Sombrita) ;)  served as table decorations and part of my daughter's present.

Here's the craft we did.  I bought these little wooden frames at Michael's. You got a set of 8 for $5 (pictured above with the bags I purchased to use for the goodie bags, also at Michael's). 

 Each of the girls got to pick out a frame and color it (sorry, Blogger decided to upload this picture sideways).  We took a pic of each girl with their doll and printed them out on the computer.  Then, when the girls were done coloring, my mom cut out the pics and put them in the frames.  It was an easy, non-overwhelming craft and also a great party keepsake for each of the guests. :)

Presents for the birthday girl. :)

I couldn't find a picture of my daughter that wasn't a head-on shot, so I thought I'd share some pics of the dolly guests instead.

"Happy Birthday!"

My dolls (and my daughter's Josefina doll) served as decorations for the piano. :)

My daughter's Josefina doll.  She's wearing the special AG t-shirt that my daughter made for her. :)

Maggie, stubbornly wearing her comfy khaki pants.  ;)  She brought her stuffed unicorn Fable to the party (the invitations did say to bring your favorite doll or stuffed animal, after all). ;)

Tess with her Rebecca doll.

Hailey with Rapunzel.

Charlie with Buzz Lightyear.  She absolutely insisted on wearing her cowgirl boots with her dress. ;)

Katie with her red teddy bear (as yet unnamed).

My mom and aunt's dolls:  Kate and Jo.

Lovely Emma, gracing the table with her presence. :)

Hope you enjoyed these extra pics that might never have been seen again if it wasn't for my mom! :D  I have some other posts planned, so keep checking back. :)



Spicemuffin said...

So sweet! It seems that the 18" crowd had fun too. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Spicemuffin. :) I think they did enjoy themselves. Maggie even wrote a post about it on her blog. Here's the link (you'll have to copy and paste):

Enjoy! :)