Friday, July 20, 2012

A Disney Store Discount plus More on Hearts For Hearts Lauryce

Hey guys!  I meant to mention this earlier and MulanFan_95's comment reminded me of it. has a promotion going until Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific Time:  25% off your entire order.  You can visit their site HERE.  I took advantage of the sale to pick up one more thing for my Blogoversary giveaway.  Unfortunately, I realized that it might not get here in time...hmm, I'll have to figure that out. ;)

I also wanted to mention the new Hearts For Hearts Girls again.  I've been haunting my local Target all week, hoping to get a glimpse of the new dolls, but so far I haven't seen any.  I did, however, find this amazing photo of the new Lauryce doll (the one from New Orleans) on  Click HERE to see how gorgeous she is!!  The stock photos don't do this little lady justice!  Unfortunately, right after this discovery, I made another one:  she's already out of stock on both and :(  So unless my Target gets the dolls, I won't be adding her to the dolly family any time soon.  I've been waiting to see pics of Zelia, but no one on Flickr seems to have purchased her yet.  When I saw how low her stock was on Amazon, I bit the bullet and ordered her. :} (Good choice too, because as of this morning, there's only 1 left in stock!)  So stay tuned for upcoming pics of little Zelia. :)

I hope to have my Belle review post up later this afternoon, and then I'm going to try to finish the Journey Girls review post that's been in draft for over a month. :}  After that, I need to focus on getting my Blogoversary stuff ready for next Tuesday!! :D

Talk to all of you again soon!


Bama said...

Lauryce is very pretty! I love that her hair is "crimped." Very lovely eyes too.
Congrats on ordering Zelia. I look forward to seeing your photos. :o)

beastsbelle said...

I love Lauryce's crimped hair, too. :) I think what I was most pleasantly surprised by was her eyes, though. The stock photo didn't make them look nearly as lovely as they are in real life.

I was going to wait a while to order Zelia (I was hoping to see her in person first), but with the way the dolls were selling, I figured it might be a good idea to snag her while I still could. I figure if worse comes to worse and I don't care for her as much in person (like THAT'S going to happen!), I could always hang onto her and exchange her for a Lauryce later. :) I think Zelia's going to be lovely too, though.

Have a nice day!

S and O and V said...

Congrats on ordering Zelia! I love the Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, but unfortunately I don't have any... yet ;) They're so cute! I love Lauryce and Zelia. Both of them have such sweet faces. Thanks for sharing about the sale. I might just have to order something to review for our blog (a little birthday present for myself).

~ S ~

Korianne said...

I found Lauryce at my target and if you can't find her and they still have her at mine I'd be happy to snag her for you.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks so much, Korianne...that's really sweet of you. I think at this point, since I've already purchased Zelia, I should wait...but if I have a moment of weakness, I'll send you an email. ;)

beastsbelle said...

Oops...and thanks for the comment S and O and V. :) I look forward to your review if you decide to take advantage of the sale. :)