Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hearts For Hearts Girls Zelia!

Okay, I know I'm supposed to be in blog party mode, but Zelia arrived yesterday, and since there are so few pictures of her online (other than stock photos), I figured you guys would enjoy seeing her "in person". ;)

The front of Zelia's box.

Side view #1

The back of the box.  It's really fun seeing all of the new dolls together with the older line.  Even Mosi is there!  I hope they release her soon. :)

Side view #2

As you can see from the box, the recommended age is 6 and up.  I probably mentioned that in my other Hearts 4 Hearts reviews, too. ;)  I think it's a good suggestion, although my 4 year old has done pretty well with her Rahel doll.

The inside cover of Zelia's box.  Her story theme is apparently centered around helping the endangered rain forests, which is not a theme I would have chosen (I thought I'd mention it in case any other parents feel the same way).  I don't really buy the dolls for their stories, though.  I buy them because I like the dolls themselves. :)  

And here's the girl herself.  I was disappointed when I opened the box and saw the position of her head, because I was planning on leaving her in her box for a bit.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to get many good shots of her face with the way her head was turned. :( 

Zelia's book.

Her adorable shoes.

She has a yellow jacket with a "Brasil" emblem on it.

The bracelet she comes with.

A close up of her cute butterfly (or dragonfly?) earrings. 

Just as I suspected, between the position of her head and the glare of the box's plastic, this was about the best shot I could get of her face. :(

So I decided to compromise.  I kept her in her packaging but removed the outer box. :)  Then I was able to turn her head and get some better pics. 

Here she is! :)  As far as I can tell, she appears to have the same face mold as Nahji.

What do you think? :)

I thought I'd show her shirt since I couldn't when the box was sealed.  It's really adorable...Oldest Gal would love it.  Her favorite color is blue, and she loves butterflies. :) 

She's wearing cute denim shorts...

...and adorable sneakers sans laces, which you already saw. :)

Obviously, this isn't a full review since I'm not opening her box yet.  I felt her hair, and as far as I could tell, it seemed to have the same nice, silky quality as the other dolls.  Her bangs are a little ragged on the ends, but they look better in person.  

She has nice coloring.  As you can see, her hair is a sort of auburn brown, and her eyes are a nice deep brown (I LOVE brown eyes, especially on dolls!). :)  I really like her, but I'm going to wait to open her since I may want Lauryce instead (um...true confessions...Lauryce is actually on her way from Amazon.com...I soo have to do some eBay sales next month!!). :}  As you know from my previous doll room post, I have a lot of dolls already, and want to make sure the ones I add are the ones I really want.  Zelia is adorable, but Lauryce is really cute too.  I'm definitely planning on getting Mosi when she's released...and I have to say...something keeps bringing me back to Consuelo too. :}  If I had the space and the extra income, I'd totally have the entire set of these dolls.  

So what do you think?  Will you be adding Zelia to your collection? ;)

One last thing...one of my readers sent me a link to a Doll Diaries post that had an adorable outdoor picture of Zelia with AG Chrissa's pet llama Starburst.  I thought you might enjoy seeing it since I couldn't do de-boxed pics at this time.  You can view it HERE.  But proceed with caution...she looks really cute and you might be hooked! ;)


All AG said...

Mosi is the best, her face is too cute! I love her. She is coming to my house as soon as it is released. I want her come out tomorrow! What if she really did? That would be awesome! :-)

Bama said...

She is adorable! I really like these dolls, but have not allowed myself to become too attached. My granddaughter got Lilian for Christmas, but she rarely plays with her. She has her on a shelf instead. So I'm glad I didn't buy more of them for her. I on the other hand, would love them all, if I only had the space!

beastsbelle said...

All AG, I would love it if Mosi was released tomorrow, too. :) I'm guessing that she probably won't be released until closer to Christmas time, though.

Bama, I feel the same way...although I think I've allowed myself to become a little more attached than you have. ;) Thankfully, my daughters really love their H4H dolls and play with them all the time. If I had enough space, though, I'm pretty sure all of them would be living at my house. ;)

Elliebob said...

I wonder why the heart 4 heart dolls eyes turn purple? My sister's doll is doing the same thing as mine. I hope I can pix it somehow. She is really cute though! Love her :)

beastsbelle said...

Which doll does your sister have, Elliebob? And did you ever hear back from the Hearts 4 Hearts website about the eye issue?

Anonymous said...

If it helps any, my cousins got Zelia and Lauryce, and my favorite is definitely Zelia. If Lauryce was going to be a play doll, I'd probably reconsider. Her hair is textured, and when they asked me to do hairstyles, I was scared to do a ponytail, for fear her hair might lose its texture. It probably will soon, since she belongs to a 5 year old who's Najhi dolls hair looks like a large, messy,fraying,knot- even though she's only had her for about a month.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for the info, Anonymous. I wondered how her hair would do with that adorable crimping. The H4H I keep will be for me, so the hair won't be as much of an issue as it would be if I was giving it to one of my daughters. Still, straight hair is easier to care for, whether the doll is a play doll or not.

Lauryce actually arrived yesterday...I hope to have a post up about her tomorrow or the next day. I was hoping it would be an easy choice between the two, but I'm having a hard time deciding which doll to keep! :{