Friday, July 5, 2013

Ever After High News

Since this line has gathered some interest here on the blog, I thought I'd give you some updated information. :)  I found out from various online sources that the first four dolls are going to have a limited release at Justice Stores.  (I checked mine today but they weren't in stock yet...fiddlesticks!  No sign of them online yet, either.) ;)  It sounds like they will have a regular release later this year in other stores.  Some collectors have found them at their Justice stores already, and pictures and videos are starting to pop up online.

I found some very nice video reviews today on YouTube featuring all four dolls.  You can click on the names to see the reviews:

Apple White

Raven Queen

Briar Beauty

Madeline Hatter

I found these through the Ever After High Dolls Facebook Page, which appears to be unique from the regular Ever After High Facebook Page.

Anyway, I wanted to let all of you know so that those of you with Justice stores nearby can go see if the dolls are in stock.  Right now, Justice is having a 40% off sale that is store wide, so this is a great time to pick them up (if they're there).  I'm hoping the sale will last for a while, as the dolls are supposed to be in stock sometime next week at my local store... :}

Have a great weekend!! :)


Anonymous said...

I hope they're available before August! I really want to be able to bring Raven and/or Maddie with me on my trip back to Georgia next month. I live just outside of San Francisco, and I hope they come here soon!

beastsbelle said...

It sounds like they're just starting to come to Justice stores. There hasn't been any official word on when they'll be released to other stores. I hope for your sake it's before August! :)

misspiggy=awesome said...

I want Apple... just wish Maddie was cuter.

beastsbelle said...

My favorites are Maddie and Raven, but I do wish there was a little more variety in their face paint. :{

Kristina said...

I wasn't intending to pick up any of these, but goodness, Maddie sure is cute!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention in my first comment that I was going for a week, and wanted to have a doll to take pictures of instead of me, and I need to keep my dol count to 3-4 (An AG, an Our Generation, and a Monster/Ever After High doll or two.) :)
You are my doll-go-to-person. Thanks to you, I found out about Ever After High, and have been hooked ever since.

(Bonus points if you count how many times I wrote "ever".) ;)

beastsbelle said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip, Rose Grace. :) And I'm super glad to be your "doll-go-to" person. ;)

Oh, and it's 4 evers (counting the one in your last sentence). ;)