Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mosi, Shola, and Lauryce News...

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that Mosi, Shola, and Lauryce are in stock right now at  If it's anything like last time, they could be gone in a few hours, so if you've been waiting for these, you'll want to snag them now.

You can find Mosi HERE.

You can find Shola HERE.

You can find Lauryce HERE.

Happy shopping, and see you in a week! :)


Caitlin Dundas said...

I really want mosi to be a sister for my 18 inch doll but I live in the uk so wont ship it to me. I'm going to wait a while and then go on eBay to have a look.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know. My local Target claims to have them but i took a cab there only to find out that all the dolls have the same code so all say in stock. They only had Dell. I'm disabled and can't drive so i'm a bit upset by this. Hopefully Amazon comes through. They only had 3 Mosi dolls left.

beastsbelle said...

Caitlin, I hope you're able to find her! :)

Anonymous. I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal. I'd actually heard about the fact that the UPC codes were the same for all the dolls. I noticed the other night that the Target website said that my local Target had Mosi in stock. I decided to call the store first, since it's about a ten minute drive to the store (and it was almost bedtime for the girls). The operator had someone check the floor, and there weren't any Mosis.

I've always had excellent service from Amazon, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Mosi and Shola on eBay today.

Cachetas said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!(I know it's super early..I was packing and I always do my internet surfing right before I go to sleep. :])
Any who..thanks a million. It was tht middle of the day, I was bored so I looked on my bookmarks and your blog was calling out my name.I figured I'd look and see if you had posted anything and so I quickly scanned this post and almost jumped out of my skin. I flew down the stairs into the office and ordered Shola. Yay!!!! I wouldn't have thought to check... but thanks to you she should be here by Wednesday. Whoo-hooo!!!

Michele said...

We saw them at Target! We were so excited, they are beautiful. Mosi was actually prettier in person than in the pictures. My daughter wants Shola, but was a little disappointed that her shoes are different, they are not the purple suede-look boots that was shown in the photos of her. She still wants her though. The sad part was that they only had one of each doll, and since we were only "window shopping" we had to leave without them. :(

beastsbelle said...

Oh, sorry to hear you had to leave without them, Michele. I went ahead and caved and purchased them when they were available on, so I'll be doing a review here soon! :)

I'm also disappointed by the changes in the design on the dolls. I hope your daughter is still able to get her Shola, though. :)