Friday, July 12, 2013

Hearts For Hearts Girls Update :)

Hey everyone!  I just remembered one of the other updates I was going to give you a couple of posts ago.  I heard on the Hearts For Hearts Girls Facebook page that Shola, Mosi, and more Lauryces are on their way to Target Stores,, and  No sign of them yet, but they should be there soon.  Yay!! ;)  I fell in love with Mosi the moment I first saw her.  Which doll are you looking forward to the most?  

I hope to have my post about Madeline Hatter up later this afternoon, so stay tuned! ;)


Jen said...

I'll be stalking my local Target and the web for Mosi,too! She's so pretty!

beastsbelle said...

Oh, I know. I love her coloring and her sweet little face. ;) I haven't had any success finding her in my neck of the woods yet. It's tough to be patient. ;)