Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Fluttershy Doll Review

Now that we've seen Twilight Sparkle in doll form (click HERE to see the review), it's time to move on to Fluttershy.  She is one of the two deluxe edition dolls released (the other is Rainbow Dash), so she has more articulation than Twilight and comes with several extras. 

As I did with Twilight, I'll start with a closer look at some of the box details:

Just like Twilight's box, the bottom corner features artwork of Fluttershy as a pony.

The side of the box has Fluttershy's human face.

The full side.

From the back corner, you can see her whole face.

Here's a view of the back of the box.

And a closer look at some of the details:

The other side of the box.

Details from the top:

Details from the bottom:

Fluttershy was very easy to remove from her box.

There were a few more twisties than Twilight had, but it still did not take much to get Fluttershy and her accessories free.

Here she is with all of her extra goodies. :)

This little extra hair piece reminds me of the Pixietails from Lady Lovely Locks. 

It opens on one end...

...and can be clipped in Fluttershy's hair or in a human's hair.

Fluttershy came with the exact same pamphlet and stickers as Twilight, so I won't take pictures of it again.

Here is her club card...

...and its plain cardboard back.

Fluttershy's brush is yellow and looks just like her. ;)

A view of the other side.

She comes with a plastic purse.

It is open at the top, and the strap moves back and forth.

It fits nicely over her shoulder.

She also came with some purple butterfly earrings.

They fit over the sides of her pony ears and hang down.

Her flower bracelet matches her earrings.

Her other goodies include a sparkly pink dress... extra pair of boots...

...and some purple wings.  

Just like Twilight's, they have a slight curve to them.

Fluttershy all free from her box. :)

She has pony ears on the top of her head.  Her hair in the front has a side part.  The top half of her hair frames her face, and the rest hangs back behind her ears.

A closer look at her face.

Just like Twilight, Fluttershy has her cutie mark on her cheek...

...and in her eyes as well.

I think she has a sweet face.

Her dress is cute and vaguely similar to her Fall Festival's the same color, at least. :}

Her tulle skirt has a ton of glitter, but it doesn't seem to shed too badly.

Her original pink and yellow boots.

Fluttershy also features legs without feet.

A view from the back.

Fluttershy's "tail" hair.

Her dress closes with Velcro.

She has a hole in her back where her wings attach.

Big purple wings...hmm...maybe I should try these on Twilight! ;)

Fluttershy features articulated elbows and knees as well as as movement at her head, shoulders, and hips.  Her arms are made from the same soft plastic material as Twilight's.  Her articulation is not the best I've seen.  At some angles her two arm sections don't match up very well.  However, she still has more to offer in the posability department than Twilight.

A closer look at her articulated knees.

Her knee joints bend backwards.

They also twist inward...

...and outward. (Ouch!!!) ;)

She can kneel fairly well.

She can also sit and cross her ankles...

...or sit nicely on an edge. :)

And like Twilight, she can very nearly do the splits.

Her head articulation is identical to Twilight's.  She can move her head back and forth and just a wee bit up and down (I only got a picture of "up", not "down"):

I decided to try her spare boots on her with her green dress and decided I preferred this look to the pink boots. :)

Fluttershy's body also features a built-in camisole and pair of undies, so she is never undressed.

Here she is in her extra outfit. 

The little gold bands that hold the wing-like parts of the dress on were a little difficult to get over her hands, so little ones might need some help getting her in this outfit.

This dress also features Velcro closure in the back, but since the Velcro does not go all the way down the dress, you have to take Fluttershy's boots off before getting her in or out of it.

She sits well in this dress as well, but it shows quite a bit of leg. :}

Overall, I'm very pleased with my Fluttershy.  She's always been my favorite pony, and I thought this doll captured her sweet personality.  I'm still giving her a 4 out of 5 because her articulation is not the most impressive I've seen, and just like with Twilight, I'd love to see more movie accuracy with the outfits.  (I would LOVE to see her in her original white top and green skirt from the movie, which she's wearing on the back of her box.)  

I also thought I should mention that I would probably recommend a basic doll like Twilight for younger pony fans.  While the extra articulation on Fluttershy is fun, I think that Twilight would hold up a little better for play time.

Here are the two dolls together.  For some reason, Twilight looks slightly taller than Fluttershy in these pictures, but they're really almost identical in height.

Being goofy ;)

I love Fluttershy in this pose.  I think it really captures her personality.  Twilight, on the other hand, is apparently doing her best Pinkie Pie impression. ;)

Dreamy Fluttershy

Twilight, once again pretending to be her crazy friend. ;)  I wanted to include this just to show that even though the basic dolls have limited articulation, you can still have fun with them. :)

I realized that it might be a good idea to include a comparison of the EG dolls with other doll lines.  From online pictures, I had imagined they were taller than they were.  It was a bit surprising to realize just how short they were in reality.

Twilight and Fluttershy with their pony counterparts. :)

I hope you enjoyed the review.  If you have any questions or I missed anything, feel free to leave me a message in the comments.  Will you be adding any Equestria Girls dolls to your collection, or are you content with just plain ponies?


OurAGAdventures said...

Cute! :D Yes, Fluttershy is the best pony. No. Questions. Asked.

Are they able to do a clothing swap with anyone?

I think I will most definitely be picking FLuttershy up! And maybe Rainbow Dash too..and maybe the Sunset Shimmer and Twilight combo pack...hmmm...I wonder how long these dolls will be on the market!

beastsbelle said...

Yay! Another Fluttershy fan! ;)

Since they're so much smaller than all of my other dolls, I haven't found anyone they can swap clothing with yet. Most of the smaller dolls I can think of, like Bratz, La Dee Das, and Moxie Girlz, I believe are much skinnier than the EG so I don't think they would be able to swap clothing.

I'm not sure how long they will be on the market. A lot of it will probably depend on the reception they get from customers...

I hope you're able to add a few to your collection. :)

Jasmine said...

I have the Fluttershy doll too, and I noticed that every doll seems to come with different colored wings and a different colored purse (my dolls wings are light yellow). I thought that was interesting.

Oh, and I found out that EG dolls can wear blythe/pullip dresses pretty well if you shorten them a bit in the back. (Or at least with the one dress I tried)

Oh, and I'm on Team Fluttershy too! *Fluttershy voice* yay! :)

Amber Spaulding said...

i wish all the dolls would have been articulated, besides just Rainbow and Fluttershy. maybe eventually all of them will be released in a articulated version. i also wish that the outfits were more movie accurate, i really liked Twilight's movie outfit and i thought Fluttershy's was cute too. i do think that the price for the articulated doll is a little pricey for this type of doll, i would rather spend the money on the Ever After High girls (which i haven't gotten yet haha!)

Michele said...

Hi Beastsbelle,
With school getting back into full swing I haven't had time to check your blog lately, and I realized I missed out on alot! Just finished reading what I missed and listening to all 5 vlogs- enjoyed hearing your voice and your answers. Would love to see a Disney movie on the Twelve Dancing Princesses- my favorite in my book of fairytales when I was a little girl. Also thanks for the reviews on the new Heart for Heart Girls- I do hope they will still be around for Christmas. The Equestria Girls are adorable, my daughter and I both agree Fluttershy is the cutest. Your vacation looked like alot of fun, the pictures you took were great, loved the dolls climbing the rock and the one with the feet in the water. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to say a few things to let you know I enjoy your blog!

beastsbelle said...

Jasmine, how interesting that your Fluttershy has yellow wings! I hadn't realized that some of them came with different colors.

Also, thanks for the type on the Blythe and Pullip clothing for the Equestria's nice to know they can fit into some other things. :)

Another "yay" for Fluttershy! ;)

I agree completely, Amber. I hope they eventually release all of the dolls with full articulation and movie-accurate clothing.

The higher price for the articulated dolls is a bit higher than I would wish for, too. You definitely get more for your money with an Ever After High doll. :} Hope you're able to add an EAH to your collection soon! :)

Michele, thank you so much for your lovely long comment. :) I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. I have done a lot of blogging in the past few weeks (and still have so much to catch up on!), so it's easy to get behind. ;) I always love hearing from you. :)

Casey Robin said...

Thanks for the nice review, Beastsbelle. I've been very curious to see the differences in articulation between the basic and the deluxe Equestria Girls.

Like some of the other commenters, I'm frustrated that only certain ponies are available with full articulation. My personal favorite pony is Applejack, and I don't think she made the transition to doll very well. For one thing, it's hard to imagine her wearing such a short skirt. Or, you know, any skirt. She's more of a blue jeans kind of gal. But beyond that, the articulation of the basic dolls is just too limited for my taste.

I liked seeing all your different forms of Twilight. I love that one with the molded mane and tail! I must've missed that one when it was out. Oh, and humanoid Twilight goofing off in the last few pics was too much fun!

In terms of articulation, I like that Fluttershy can turn her toes in, as this is a very typical "Fluttershy" stance. With all these dolls, though, I just can't get over the peg feet. Like you, just knowing that there aren't any real feet in those boots bothers me.

Thanks again for the swell review. I enjoy seeing your Pony collection.

beastsbelle said...

I'm so glad you found the review helpful, Casey. :)

I wish they'd made all of the ponies with full articulation, too. I'm hoping that eventually they'll release deluxe editions of all of them.

Oh, and I totally agree with you on Applejack! I really don't see her in a miniskirt either, and her hat looks more like a fedora than a cowgirl hat. :} While my favorite ponies are Twilight and Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are my next two favorites, but I haven't even been tempted to get Applejack because of her outfit and look. I haven't been too tempted by Rainbow Dash until I read Emily's review on The Toy Box Philosopher yesterday. ;)

The Twilight with the molded mane and tail is one I got in an eBay lot this summer. She originally came in a set with Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Spike, and Princess Celestia. I love the molded hair because it looks so accurate. I just wish they'd made Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy with molded hair, too. :(

I was trying to figure out some way to make humanoid Twilight more interesting in the last few pics. Maybe she's just been hanging around Pinkie Pie for too long. ;)

I agree with you on Fluttershy, too. Having her stand with her toes in definitely helps capture her personality. :) But yeah, the peg feet are a definite downside to this line. I've never been a fan of this style of doll feet. Like you, I'm distracted by the fact that even though she looks great in the boots, I know that underneath she has no feet. :} Maybe that's another thing they'll change in later dolls...

So glad you stopped by! :)

RagingMoon1987 said...

Regarding the clothing swap question presented above, I've found that Equestria Girls can wear some Lalaloopsy Girls clothing. I only have Pix E. Flutters and a budget Twilight Sparkle at the moment, so I can't tell you if Twilight can wear any of the other Lala's clothes. However, she looks quite nice in Pix's clothes. Pix cannot wear Twilight's clothes, though this may be because Twilight came with a vinyl top instead of a cloth one. Just thought I'd pass that little tidbit along.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks very much for this info, RagingMoon1987! :)

leah said...

Then switch the wings.