Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Animator's Collection Dolls from the Disney Store, including "It's a Small World Dolls"

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that the Disney Store has a couple of fun new releases coming up for those of you who like the Disney Animator's Collection series.  :)  Thanks to Hollys Dollys on Facebook for giving me the heads up on this. :)

First off, a new series of DAC Princess dolls are coming out.  According to the Disney Store Facebook page, they should be available starting tomorrow.  You can see pics of the new designs on their Facebook page HERE.  While I think the dolls are cute, I personally probably won't go for these since they have exactly the same face molds.  Plus, Belle's dress looks more like Jane's from Tarzan to me. ;)

In other news, there are some adorable "It's A Small World" Animator's Collection dolls on the Disney Store website right now.  It's a little confusing, because it says they are there for "pre-order", but there was no pre-order button.  I chatted with one of the Disney Store cast members and found out that this is kind of like a "preview" and the dolls will be available to pre-order during the first week of October.  I'd heard about these ones a while back and think they're super cute.  You can see all of them HERE.  My favorites are the dolls from India and Japan. :)  They will retail for $29.95 each.  I just hope they have plenty of them in stock.  With a two month preview, I can see them selling out fast!!  :(

Happy shopping!! :)


All AG said...


I'm totally obsessed with these dolls. Guess who's making it on my Christmas list this year: India and England. Personally love the outfit for India and love the doll for England. I think I might "collect" these instead of playing with them.

Sparkie said...

Aw.....I really wanted Rapunzel, and they changed her. Oh, well, I like Pocahontas. And I also like It's a Small World Indian, Japanese, and Hawaiian dolls.

OurAGAdventures said...

Yes! Love the those dolls! I have two, myself....can't wait to get more! :0) Thanks for the heads up!

beastsbelle said...

Glad to help, everyone. :) It sounds like we all have similar favorites in the Small World dolls. :)

Sorry you missed out on the Rapunzel you wanted, Sparkie.

Cindybin said...

Those are all cute dolls! It's a Small World was my favorite ride at Disneyland when I was a child. I still have a very dark 8mm home movie my dad took of the ride when we visited in 1966! You can just make out the dolls dancing around.

beastsbelle said...

How fun to have such a special keepsake from your trip! :) I love old home movies.

My husband really likes the "It's a Small World" song, which has taken some getting used to, since my dad HATES it! :} I think he didn't like getting it stuck in his head. ;)

"It's a Small World" is one of the few rides I got to ride the last time I was at Disneyland. I was 4 months pregnant with Oldest Gal and couldn't ride any of the big rides. :)

Jen said...

Thanks for posting this! I love the Small World dolls! It will be really neat to hear them singing in the various languages.