Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Doll and Toy Releases in Town! :)

Hey everyone!  Just thought I'd check in before the craziness of the first week of school. :}

Thank you for all of the entries in the Lottie doll contest.  So far I think there are around 21.  Keep them coming!!  You have until this Friday to enter.

Yesterday I spent the entire day with my three daughters, one last day of fun together before the school year starts.  One of our stops was our local Target.  I have to preface this by saying that our local stores have had NOTHING new in the past few months.  So many new releases have been sighted elsewhere, but not in our hometown.

So yesterday, I went into Target without any expectations and nearly hyperventilated in the toy section.  This month has been very tight financially because of our vacation and paying school tuition, but let me tell you, if I had endless money at my disposal, I easily could have spent a few hundred dollars!

Target finally had 1 Lauryce, 2 Sholas, and 2 Mosis.  They also had a whole big new section for the Our Generation dolls.  While I'm not a fan of the dolls themselves, the adorable bike, the new red kitchen, and the awesome camp trailer were AMAZING!!   There were a ton of new Disney Princess releases, including the Disney Princess Palace Pets (I'm still a bit "meh" about them, but my girls LOVE them).  They also had the Disney Princess and Me line with the new Merida doll.  I was pleased to see they were priced at $39.99 instead of $49.99 like they are at ToysRUs.

And then we went to the My Little Pony aisle, and saw the new Cake Family blind bag set, and the Target exclusive Pinkie Pie Boutique sets, and the big new talking Twilight Sparkle...and in the same aisle, they had Care Bears blind bags...

Seriously, I was feeling like "MUST HAVE ALL THE NEW THINGS!!!", so it's probably good I was broke. ;)  I made it out of the store empty-handed and was quite proud of my restraint. ;)

Our local Walmart had new stuff too, such as the brand new My Life As dolls for the year.  They only had two in stock.  I nearly took pics with my phone, but realized that I'd left my phone in the car.  It looks like there are about 17 dolls being released this time around (including a few sets of different dolls in duplicate outfits).  And we did buy a few things there, because my girls fell in love with the adorable new roller skates from the My Life As line, and they were only $2 per pair:

I checked Walmart online and found a few links to the new things.  Only one doll is there so far, but it's one of the two that was in our store.  The other was the African American version of the same doll.  You can see the brunette school girl HERE.  Their site also shows the new camping set, the new sleepover set, the new snowboarding clothing and accessory set, and the new ice skating set. :)  (Just a reminder, some of the pants and skirts from this line are a little snug on AG dolls, so be aware of that.)     

And I finally found my Granny Smith MLP blind bag pony at Walmart! :)  Now I just need Apple Bloom and I'll have the main 4 members of the Apple Family in miniature. :)

The moral of the story is, go check your local stores.  Everyone is starting to get their new toy stock in! :)

I mentioned this briefly before, but the blog will probably will be a bit quiet until later this next week.  The next few days I really need to focus on lesson plans, getting girls ready for school, and getting to bed early enough so I can function in the mornings. ;)  (I'm SO not a morning person!!)

Tess, Maggie and Belle should be getting something up on their blogs this next week, too.  They've informed me that blogging has been too difficult these past couple of weeks with all of us running around like crazy, trying to get through our last minute school preparations. ;)

Hope you're all having a great weekend! :)


OurAGAdventures said...


Hehe I still have a week to worry about all the school craziness. ;0)

beastsbelle said...

Lol...yep. I had to go through the entire box, feeling each packet to see if I could figure out which one was which. Granny Smith is somewhat easy to distinguish through the packaging because both her tail and mane are in buns. :)

Aileen said...

Oh I just love the new school girl doll! I can't believe I was just at Walmart yesterday and I didn't check the toy section. There was so many people there that I just wanted to get what I needed and get out. Well I have the My Life as Nature girl but I think I just might put her on Ebay and get the school girl cuz I love her bangs and outfit. Thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

You keep talking about lesson plans/getting ready for school. Are you a teacher? What kind of teacher (what grade?)

Just curious :)

All AG said...

Oh my goodness they have a Merida doll at target. Seriously dying that it's only 40 dollars. :D

(Another customization for AG added on :/)

Nata said...

Thank you for your post. I've been wanting to buy Hearts 4 Hearts Girl doll(s) for a while, but wanted to see them in person first. Our local Target had none last time we checked. I'll run to Target today or tomorrow to see what they have.

We love American Girl Dolls in this house and I surely don't NEED to start another collection, but H4H look so pretty (at least on the web) and I really like their prices better than AG.

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome, Aileen. :) The School Girl is really cute in person.

I understand what you mean about Walmart. Ours was pretty packed too...all of that last minute school shopping. ;)

Hi Anonymous. I mentioned it briefly in another post, but I was asked to teach art to the 1st through 5th graders at my daughters' school. I'll be focusing specifically on drawing and painting, per the school's request. :) I'll be teaching every Tuesday. The best part is that the hours I work will be credited towards my daughters' tuition. :)

Lol...All AG, she's pretty cute. I hope you get a chance to see her. :)

No problem, Nata. :) I understand about not wanting to start another doll collection, but the Hearts For Hearts Girls really are adorable and they're very good quality for the price you pay. :) I hope your Target has some in! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so mad i already started school

Anonymous said...

Grrrr, still no Shola at my Target. Ah well, she'll show up eventually. :)
Do the My Life As shoes fit American Girl pretty well? I know the Our Generation shoes don't really fit, but I've never heard if the MLA shoes do or not.

--Kate :)

beastsbelle said...

Sorry to hear that, Kate. It took a long time for them to show up at mine, so don't give up. Especially as it gets closer to Christmas, the toy stock should be higher. :)

The My Life As shoes fit AG dolls really well. I actually have a post with pictures from some of the early MLA shoe releases that you can see here:

The shoes are really cute and are made of flexible plastic, so they're pretty easy to get on and off of the dolls. And you can't beat the price: $2 a pair! :) Some of them have a pretty bad new plastic smell when you first open them, but the smell usually goes away if you let the shoes sit for a couple of days. :)

Anonymous said...

Our target hes the bigger OG section too! I "had" to pick up the Birthday set and the epic set of pink converse...

beastsbelle said...

Yay!! :)