Saturday, October 26, 2013

AHH! Bean Bag Chairs for Dolls Review

Time for another parenthetical blog post in the midst of the Lalaloopsy/My Little Pony fun. ;)  I was given the opportunity to review a "LiL Me" doll-sized bean bag chair from  AHH! Products.  I'd like to thank the company for allowing me to try out this product. :)

My doll-sized bean bag chair arrived earlier this week.  I love the bright colors.  It makes me think of Jolly Ranchers candy. ;)

I was very impressed with how large the bean bag chair was.  Most doll-sized bean bag chairs I've encountered before are barely large enough for the doll to sit in.  These chairs are 14 inches wide and 7 inches tall, and can be used for stuffed animals or other dolls as well.

A view from the side.

The large size also makes it possible for your doll to take a little afternoon snooze. ;)

"So comfy..."  I think Emma approves. ;)

Product tags 

The outer fabric of the chair is thick and durable.  According to the website, the material is made in the USA and stitched with high quality materials.  They are filled with little polystyrene (styrofoam) pieces, which allow the fabric to move and adjust easily.  

I noticed there was a zipper on one side of the bean bag chair, but the zipper itself was hidden from view and I couldn't get to it. 

 I went back to the site to see if I was missing something, and discovered that the zipper is  this way on purpose to keep inquisitive or mischievous kiddos from opening the bean bag.  As a mom of a daughter who loves to take things apart, I greatly appreciate this feature.  I would NOT be interested in cleaning up little styrofoam pieces from all over the floor! ;)

Almost all of the "LiL Me" doll-sized bean bags also come in a matching human-sized one. :)  A great thing about the human-sized bean bag chairs from this company is that in addition to a sturdy, durable outer fabric (that is removable and  machine washable), they also have an inner water-resistant liner that keeps the styrofoam from water damage.  It's also very strong to prevent leaking or tearing.  (According to the AHH! Products owner, even the really expensive bean bag chairs from other places tend to break because their liners are so thin.)  For more information about the liner, you can visit their page about it HERE

The doll-sized bean bags do NOT include an inner liner, although the material is still machine washable.  (I only emphasize this because I missed this detail in my preliminary research.)  The reasoning was that there should not be as much of a need to wash the doll-sized bean bags.  However, if the need arises, the zipper can be opened and the styrofoam poured out.  I think I'd probably just stick with a dirty bean bag...I can just imagine how bad I'd be at trying to pour the styrofoam out without making a huge mess! :}

I was informed that if the filling can't be reused, you can fill it with something else like poly-fill.  AHH! Products will also sell replacement filling in small amounts (to order, you can call toll free at 888-244-6818).

Bottom line?  To make your life easier, don't let your kiddos get their bean bag chairs wet or dirty. ;)

For those brave souls who would want to attempt washing their doll bean bags, there is a very helpful page on the site that gives detailed information on how to open the zipper, which you can see HERE.  And of course, you definitely want to make sure you rezip it completely closed after you put the filling back inside. :}

For those of you who would like more specific information about the doll-sized bean bag chairs, you can check out the page about them HERE

The doll-sized bean bags normally retail for $45.  However, during the month of October, they are 50% off on  If you'd like one for your doll, this is a great time to pick one up.  The sale only lasts until the end of October, and there aren't too many left, so you'll want to get yours soon!  You can see all of the doll-sized bean bag chairs on Amazon HERE. 

For more information on AHH! products, you can visit their official website HERE, their Facebook page HEREand their Twitter HERE. 

My overall thoughts?  I think this is a great product and I really appreciate the thought the company has put into every aspect of their beanbag chairs.  As you browse the website, you'll see how much time and effort they spent to make the best product possible.  While $45 is a bit more than I would feel comfortable spending on a bean bag chair for my dolls, the half-off price is definitely tempting.  And for many, the knowledge that they are getting a high-quality, "made in the USA" product will make them excited to support the company and their outstanding bean bags. :)

This product was offered as a free sample from AHH! Products.  All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.


Nina said...

That's so cool! My brother had a baseball beanbag chair but it was made of low quality material and ripped, and we still, 3 years later, find Styrofoam beads all over our basement;}

beastsbelle said...

LOL, well it sure sounds like you wouldn't have that problem with these bean bag chairs. ;)

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