Monday, October 21, 2013

Lala-Pony-Palooza Month: My Favorite Online Research Sites for Lalaloopsy and My Little Pony

Hey everyone!  Sorry this post is so much later in the day than the others have been.  Hubby had the day off, so we ended up going on an impromptu date (fast food and a day at the local park). :)  By the time we got done with that, I had to go pick up kiddos from school, help with homework...and technically I should be getting started on dinner right now, but I can always do some quick quesadillas in the quesadilla maker in a bit. ;)

By the way, thank you for all of you who have entered the Lala-Pony-Palooza Giveaway.  Don't forget, you have until this Friday to enter! :)  There are only fourteen people who have entered (most with multiple entries), so the chances of winning are still pretty high. :)

Okay, so today I thought I'd share some of my favorite online sites I use when doing research on My Little Pony and Lalaloopsy.  Most of what I've learned about both is from the things I've found here and there on various sites. :)

We'll start with Lalaloopsy:

1.  Lalaloopsy Headquarters:  This is one of the first sites I found when I started researching Lalaloopsies for Middle Gal.  This site is very easy to navigate and (as far as I can tell) has information on every single Lalaloopsy doll produced (some of the very newest ones may not be there yet).  This is a great place to start if you want a basic overview of the different dolls and their personalities.  You can also search by categories, such as Traditionals, Minis, Littles, Lala-Oopsies, and more.

2.  Lalaloopsy Land Wiki :  This is another great resource for finding information on specific Lalaloopsy products.  It is divided into easily navigated categories and has great pictures of each of the dolls.  This site includes information on the dolls themselves as well as books, games, accessories, and more.

3.  Lalaloopsy Fan Club:  The Lalaloopsy Fan Club is another proboards site, much like AGPlaythings.  On this site you'll find a friendly community of Lalaloopsy enthusiasts.  It's a great place to get updates on new and upcoming releases, share pictures of your collections, and meet other people with similar interests. :)  To become a member, you have to sign up and be approved before posting (just like on AGPlaythings).  I've been a little too busy to be a really good member of any of the forums I've joined lately, but I always love popping in when I can to see what's happening. :)

4. Official Lalaloopsy Site:  Pretty self-explanatory. ;)  This is MGA Entertainment's official site for the Lalaloopsies.  You can play games, watch videos, link to their other social media sites, and find out where to purchase the dolls.

Now on to My Little Pony.  This section will be a bit more involved because there are certain sites that focus on certain generations of ponies (and don't worry, I'm still planning on that Pony Generation post for this month...though after you visit these sites, you might not need it). :}

1. Strawberry Reef:  I'm going to start with my favorite. ;)  This site is the first place I go whenever I need to identify an unknown pony, something that occurs quite regularly due to my thrift store finds. ;)  You start by selecting which generation your pony belongs to (there are helpful pictorial examples above each link so you can determine which category you should start with).  Then, you can look up your pony by color.  The G3 and G4 ponies have additional search options such as pose or character.  I've found this site to be one of the easiest ones to use when you don't have a clue who your pony is. ;)  Oh, and there's also a Facebook page connected to the site which shares all of the latest My Little Pony News.

2.  Ghost of the Doll (My Little Pony Section):  This site is an excellent resource if you want to find out more about the G1 ponies (ponies from my childhood).  Actually, this site is a great resource for information on any 80s or 90s toys.  I've been known to lose a few hours just browsing through pictures of my childhood toys. ;)  The My Little Pony section is organized by year of release, and within each year section, the ponies are divided into categories.  There are great pictures of each of the ponies, some of them still in their original packaging.  At the top of the page, you can even watch old My Little Pony TV commercials, which are quite entertaining. ;)

3.  Dream Valley:  This is another helpful site, but as far as I can tell, it only has information about G1-G3 ponies (so nothing on the current ponies).  I love the pretty pictures and the way this site is laid out.  This is the place to go if you just want a good overview of the G1-G3 ponies and some great pictures.  It's harder to find unidentified ponies here because it just goes by year and doesn't really have a search option.

4.  My Little Wiki:  If you just want a quick look at all of the My Little Pony releases from the different generations, this is the site for you.  My Little Wiki has lists of every single pony released.  When you click on the pony's name, it takes you to a picture of them.  The site features a G1 page, a G2 page, a G3 page, and a G4 page.

5.  My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki:  This is an excellent place to visit if you want to know all about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, the current pony line.  This site shows pictures of all of the toys, has summaries of the show, lists detailed character profiles, and more.  It's also a great place to check for the latest news about the My Little Pony TV show.

6.  My Little Pony News:  I just recently discovered this pony-themed blog.  It's a great place to find out the latest or upcoming releases from Hasbro's toy line and more! :)

7. My Little Pony Trading Post:  The MLP Trading Post is a pony-themed forum.  Just like the Lalaloopsy Fan Club, you have to sign up and be approved to join.  I have to say, I haven't had the time I wished to really delve into this site and take full advantage of its resources and benefits.  It does seem like a great place to get information on ponies, buy or trade ponies, and meet other pony enthusiasts, though.

8.  Official My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Site:  Again, pretty self-explanatory.  This is Hasbro's site for the TV show and merchandise.

I'd like to just offer a word of caution.  When researching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, do be careful, especially if you are young.  There is a huge My Little Pony fan base, and while many of the fans create pony stuff that is wholesome and uplifting, some of it can be really crass or inappropriate, so please be aware...especially on YouTube or Google.

I'm sure I'm missing some of the sites I've found, but this post should at least give you a great starting point if you're interested in learning more about My Little Pony or Lalaloopsy.  If any of you know of helpful sites I've missed that are friendly for all ages, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Have a great day!  I'll be back with more Lala-Pony fun later this week! :)  


Momo said...

Thanks for the compilation of websites! =D I didn't know about a lot of them, and I didn't know about any Lalaloopsy websites. =) Maybe I'll try to identify some of my G3 ponies with Strawberry Reef! It seems very helpful. =)

Bama @ Dolls of an Era said...

Hi Beastsbelle,
I created LaLaloopsy Fan Club and it was the very first LaLaLoopsy forum of any kind. Due to my hectic life, I turned it over to two very wonderful ladies who are running it now. :o)

The dolls! said...

Cool! I'll check some of the out. :D

On another note, someone I know has a friend, she has type one diabetes and needs 6,000 dollars this spring so that she can get a service dog. I was wondering if you could help us get the word out and possibly post this link on your blog as a little shout out.

I know I shouldn't be asking for things, but this is important, please at least take a look at the page and read her story.

Abbie R,

Michele said...

Who knew? Not me! Thanks for all the info. I had no idea that the Lalaloopsy sites were out there :)

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome, Momo. I'm glad you found the post helpful. I've had a lot of success with Strawberry Reef, so I'd definitely recommend trying it out. :)

Hi Bama! I thought I remembered that you were the one to start the forum. I'm sorry you got too busy to continue, but I completely understand. ;) You've left it in good's a great community over there. :)

Hi Abbie! I'm sorry I didn't respond to your earlier comment. I'd love to help, but I'd like to look into it a little more before I make any promises. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, okay?

You're welcome, Michele. Glad to help. :)

The dolls! said...

Okay thanks, I'm really sorry for asking for stuff. :)

AJ said...

Can't disagree on Strawberry Reef! That's one of my go-tos! It's such a happy colorful site too!

beastsbelle said...

I agree, AJ. :) I really love how she's set it up and how nice and colorful it is. :)