Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lala-Pony-Palooza Month: Lala-Oopsies Review

In the fall of 2012, MGA Entertainment developed a new spin-off line of dolls from the Lalaloopsies called "Lala-Oopsies".  These dolls were taller than the regular Lalaloopsies, and had the appearance of dolls made from mismatched scraps of fabric.  

According to the backstory, the Lala-Oopsies are from a magical world, found through a secret door in Lalaloopsy land, where there are strawberry milk rivers and mushroom trees.  (To read more about Lala-Oopsies, you can visit their webpage HERE.)

Today, we'll take a look at Princess Anise, one of the four princess dolls from the Lala-Oopsies line.

Princess Anise in her box.

A closer look at some of the box details:

Each of the Lala-Ooopsies princesses has a pet.  This one is a mushroom cat. :}

The handle at the top of the box doubles as a bookmark.

The back of the box.  As you can see, the Lala-Oopsies boxes have a storybook look to them, much like the Ever After High boxes.

A closer look at some of the details:

The box gives us a closer look at the four princesses from Lala-Oopsies land:

Princess Nutmeg, the princess of "silly"...

...Princess Anise, the princess of knickknacks (an appropriate choice for our house)...

...Princess Saffron, the princess of hugs...

...and Princess Juniper, the princess of "know-how". :)

We actually ended up with two Princess Anise dolls at our house, one open and one unopened.  Because of this, I will just be reviewing the doll herself and not her accessories.  The boxed doll was listed on eBay.

Here's Anise free from her box.  Her head is made of soft foam (kind of like a Nerf ball).  Her body and crown are hard plastic, and her arms and legs are rubbery plastic.

Because of the way they're put together, the Lala-Oopsies can turn like ballerinas when held by their crowns, although it's a lot harder to do than it looks in the commercials.  Their heads and their bodies turn in a full circle.

The Lala-Oopsies have a cute, ragamuffin appearance with all of their mismatched colors and patterns.  I love the fact that Princess Anise's hair looks like two balls of yarn.

Princess Anise's dress is short and cute with a lot of detail.

Just like her head and body, Anise's legs also turn in a complete circle because of the way they're put together.

Her legs are long and rubbery.  And here lies the biggest problem with the Lala-Oopsies.  The rubber used to make her legs STINKS.  I'm not sure if every single Lala-Oopsies doll has this problem.  However, I've heard reports of other parent complaints, so it does sound like a common problem, even in the new dolls.  This particular doll smells either like cooked onions or B.O.  Seriously, there has been more than one time that I've thought I'd forgotten to put on my deodorant...and then realized it was just because I was standing next to this doll. :}  I thought that perhaps with time the smell would fade away, but it was still just as strong a month later.  Suffice it to stay that Princess Anise did not stay with us. ;)

Here's a picture of Princess Anise next to Crumbs.  As you can see, she is much taller than Crumbs and has a smaller head.

Here's another look at the difference in their head sizes.

A friendly chat between friends. ;)

I was amazed at how small Anise's body was compared to the rest of her.

Princess Anise has a "stitched on" heart and the same little "thread " belly button as Crumbs.

She has quite a few identifying marks on her back and undies.

A closer look.

Her mismatched socks and dancing slippers.

Just like the Lalaloopsies, the Lala-Oopsies also have a line of mini dolls that are super cute.  Here is Princess Anise with her mini version.

She's "sew" adorable! ;)

Mini Anise does not spin like regular Anise, but since she is made completely of hard plastic, she also doesn't have the same smelly issues. 

Princess Anise from the back.

She is constructed the same way as mini Lalaloopsies, with dangly legs that move back and forth and a head that wobbles side to side and back and forth.

And speaking of mini Lalaloopsies, here is mini Crumbs with mini Anise.

Unlike their bigger counterparts, these two are almost exactly the same height and size.  Anise's dress is just shorter to make room for her longer legs.

The Lala-Oopsies are great in concept.  They have sweet faces and fun, mismatched colors.  Unfortunately, the smelly rubber issue is a huge downside to these fun dolls.  It's possible that not all of them have the same problem, but at $30 something a doll, I'm not willing to risk it.  I would love to see MGA come up with a way to change the materials they use to make the dolls.  Until that happens, though, I would recommend skipping the big dolls and getting one of the cute minis instead.

Do any of you have Lala-Oopsies?  What are your thoughts?

Next week, we'll have a mix of more Lalaloopsy and My Little Pony posts...and possibly a Zelf review thrown in there, too. ;)  Stay tuned!


misspiggy=awesome said...

Aww, cute! I like them. My mom and I were looking at the Lalas in Target and she thinks they're cute, too! :) In other news, there are photos of the Cerise Hood and Blondie Lockes dolls here:
I like Cerise! :)

Presto said...

Too bad Anise smelled, she is very cute. Have you seen the Lala-Loopsy workshop dolls? They're pretty similar to the Switch a Witch and Create a Monster figures.

beastsbelle said...

Hi misspiggy=awesome. :) I actually saw the pics of Cerise and Blondie already. It will be really fun to see them in person. :)

I thought it was a shame too, Presto.

I have seen the Lalaloopsy workshop dolls. In fact, that's one of the upcoming reviews for the month. ;)

Nina said...

They're really cute! My favorite is Princess Juniper. I want her mini, but I'd have to change her name since I'm allergic to juniper, and having a doll named after an allergen would really bug me:)

Do the mini Lala-Oopsies come with pets? I'm assuming they do, but I just want to make sure;)

Momo said...

I didn't like the Lala-oopsies when they first came out, but I think your review has made me begin to like them =)

I think the original Lalaloopsies are cuter, But I like Princess Anise's color scheme, and the rhyme on the back of the package is cute =) Her blue skin reminds me a lot of Rainbow Dash in Equestria Girls haha

Momo said...

Oh and thanks so much for following my blog! It made me really happy =D

beastsbelle said...

Lol...I guess it would be a good idea to change Juniper's name, Nina. ;)

Yes, the mini Lala-Ooopsies do come with pets. I just decided to keep the review simple and focus on the dolls themselves.

I agree with you, Momo. I definitely prefer the regular Lalaloopsies over the Lala-Oopsies, but the Oopsies are fun too. :)

I was happy to follow you. It looks like your blog will be a lot of fun. ;)

akasailorsea said...

She's so cute, its a shame about the smell.

To get rid of the smell you could try wrapping her (or where ever the odor is particularly strong) in a detergent sheet and leaving her in it over night. Leaving her near (but not too close) a scented candle or an incense burner might also help with the odor.

Anonymous said...

No. I just washed my daughter's with the towels in hot water & added Lysol... STILL SMELLS LIKE ONIONS STRONG AS EVER. SMELL WON'T QUIT!!

beastsbelle said...

Good to know, Anonymous. Like I mentioned in the post, our LalaOopsie didn't stay with us long for this very reason. ;)