Saturday, October 26, 2013

More EBay Listings

Whew!!  What a day!  I spent most of it organizing Middle Gal and Little Gal's room (a job LONG overdue).  It looks a lot better now, but we still have a bit to go. ;)

I didn't end up doing the Lalaloopsy Workshop doll review since I was able to publish my doll bean bag chair review, so look for the Lala review on Monday. :)

I did manage to get some of my eBay listings up.  My goal is to get several more listings done tomorrow afternoon after church.  HERE'S what I have up so far, though.

We have one last week to cram in the MLP/Lalaloopsy fun. ;)  I hope you've enjoyed the month as much as I have. :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!  Talk to you again soon...


The dolls! said...

Wanted to point out, today is the twenty sixth. The winner for the giveaway was supposed to be drawn today. Then again, we have a time difference, (Four to five hours I think.)

beastsbelle said...

Oh my goodness...I am a complete knucklehead!! I was thinking I had another week. :} I will draw the winner tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad for forgetting about the giveaway. Your a very busy person. :) Anyway your the one who is doing the very generous giveaway, so you have the right to postpone.

Also I was wondering if the Pullip doll you found that is on sale was found at Tuesday Morning because you said you bought it new.

-Candy Corn

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for being so understanding, Candy Corn. :) I just can't believe I forgot! :}

Yes, the Dorothy Pullip was at Tuesday Morning. I was going to do a post about her this week and it didn't work out like I'd hoped. I'm planning on doing a post sometime soon. With Dorothy, it was one of those cases where I bought her because she was only $40 and she was a Pullip, but once I'd opened her and compared her with my other Pullip, I didn't absolutely love her as much as my first one. Because I don't plan on having an extensive Pullip collection, I decided I needed to only get dolls I really love. :}

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I hope that they have this one at our Tuesday Morning. So far I have just seen J-Dolls at our location though. I have a theory that when someone finds a Pullip at their Tuesday Morning, then the chances of me finding one at mine are grater (at least it is better than just going every Sunday after church:). Maybe there will be one this time though and my parents might give it to me as a birthday gift. :)

I totally agree with you on only having the dolls you really love. My rule is that my doll must already have a story that can go with her, or I have a story made up for them that I could write one day. There for these dolls have a lot more meaning to them then just being a doll. Also I try really hard to use my dolls to please God. In my head, I am working on a Christian book series were the main characters are based off of my doll's characters (which in turn is based off of their original stories).

-Candy Corn

P.S. I actually learned about your website threw doing research on where to find a cheeper price Pullip doll.

beastsbelle said...

I hope you find your Pullip too, Candy Corn! :) I've seen them in my local Tuesday Morning twice this year, so I'm hoping that will continue to be the norm. ;) I always come close to hyperventilating when I see them for such a good price. ;)

I hope your story goes well. I would encourage you to not just keep it in your head, but write it down. It's amazing how quickly you forget those ideas. :}

I agree with you, though. Dolls can serve as great inspirations for stories and characters. :) The only problem is that then you feel you can't ever get rid of them because they almost feel like family. ;)

That's interesting that a Pullip search is what led you to me. It's always fun finding out what brings my readers to my blog. :)

Have a great day!