Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lala-Pony-Palooza Month: "Elements of Harmony Friends" Playset Review

Yesterday, we took a look at the Cake Family miniature playset.  Today, we'll review the other new release from this line: the "Elements of Harmony Friends" playset.

The figures in this set are based on the very first two My Little Pony Friendship is Magic episodes, "The Elements of Harmony" Part 1 and 2.  In these episodes, we learn how Twilight Sparkle first met her five friends from Ponyville.  Twilight herself isn't featured in this set, but two of her friends are. :)

A view from the front of the box.

This set includes Nightmare Moon, Manny Roar (a manticore), Fluttershy...

...Rarity, and Steven Magnet, a sea serpent.

Artwork from the back of the box.

And a closer look at the details:

Here are all five figures free from their packaging.

Nightmare Moon is first.  I must say, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that they simply used the same mold for the Princess Celestia blind bag pony for Nightmare Moon.  In the TV show, Nightmare Moon does not have a crown or the same type of necklace that Celestia does.  Her coloring is pretty accurate, though.

Views from the other sides:

Manny Roar up close.  In this episode, Fluttershy treats a threatening manticore (Manny) with kindness and discovers that he's only grouchy because of a thorn in his paw.

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed in Manny's design as well.  I think they could have done a better job at making him look like he did in the show.  He's cute, he just doesn't look much like himself. :}

Other views:

Now for Fluttershy.  This was one of the figures I was most excited about from this set.  While Fluttershy has been released several times before as a blind bag pony, this is the first time that she has been portrayed with a show-accurate mane and tail.  I know a lot of other collectors were excited about this as well.

Other views:
Another smudgy problem that thankfully was easy to remove.

Here's a picture of the original blind bag Fluttershy for comparison purposes.  For the original Fluttershy, Hasbro just used the Rainbow Dash mold, which was a disappointment for many collectors.  This new mold suits her much better. :)

Rarity comes next in the set.  And yes, her tail is supposed to be like that.  In the episode, she cuts off her tail to give it to the sea serpent, who has just had one side of his mustache cut off.  This demonstrates her generosity, which plays an important part in the plot (as does Fluttershy's kindness). :)  

Other views:

And here's the sea serpent, Steven Magnet. 

Other views:

You can see the end of Rarity's tail on the right side of his face. :)

This is another great set for collectors and pony fans, in spite of my disappointment with Manny and Nightmare Moon.  My favorite figure is sweet little Fluttershy, but it's fun to have some of the other figures from the first episode of MLP FIM, too. :)

So next week, we'll focus on the "Lala" part of Lala-Pony-Palooza Month.  I'll have reviews of a regular Lalaloopsy, Lalaloopsy minis, a Lala-Oopsies doll...and more! :)  There will also be a giveaway...details for that will be up sometime next week! :)

Some of you may also have noticed that I added a blog button at the top of my right sidebar in celebration of the Pony and Lalaloopsy fun this month.  Feel free to add the button to your own blogs and spread the word.  It links to the first post of Lala-Pony-Palooza Month.  Once I have the giveaway post up, I'll add a direct link at the beginning of that first post so people can get right to it. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)


beastsbelle said...

Hi Cake! Thanks for stopping by. I didn't publish your comment because I wasn't sure it would be the most helpful way to address the issue. Thank you for bringing it to my notice, though. I'll be sure to keep an eye out. I'm sorry you've had a rough time.

Michele said...

Love the Fluttershy in this set! Looking forward to next week :)

beastsbelle said...

Me too, Michele. :) I think they captured her perfectly.

I'm looking forward to this coming week's posts too! :)

Anonymous said...

I understand. Plus, my comment was really long, so i don't want ot bore you or your readers to death, especially since it had nothing to do with your post.

Now for something that does:

LOVE the goofy mustache on the sea monster. I'm glad Rarity was generous, but the oddly colored 'stache cracked me up a little. ;)


beastsbelle said...

Thanks for understanding, Cake. :)

Lol, I agree...his mustache does look pretty funny! :) Quite the odd color combination. ;)