Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barbie Basics Jeans

Here's a post for any Barbie fans out there.  I'd heard about the new Barbie Basics Jeans line, but none were in our local stores.  On eBay a couple of weeks ago, these were going for $40 to $50 a piece.  So when I finally found some at my local Walmart, I picked up a few with the intent of reselling them and making a profit.  Unfortunately, when I got home and did some research, I saw that everyone else on eBay had the same idea.  Now there are so many of them listed that they aren't going for nearly as much.  I decided to return the dolls, but not before I took some pics to share with everyone. :) 
Here's a pic of the whole lot.  Two Ken dolls and one package of Ken accessories.

First, here are some pics of the accessories set:

I have to say, while I've mostly "converted" to 18" dolls, there's still a soft spot for Barbies in my heart.  I grew up playing with them.  And may I just say, I would have LOVED a set like this when I was growing up.  Ken never had this many choices in the 80s and 90s...he was basically a glorified accessory for Barbie. :}  This set includes a beanie, two belts, a shirt, a pair of socks, a cell phone, a watch, sunglasses, and four pairs of shoes!

This sells for $20 in stores, more if you purchase it online.  While I really liked this set, I just couldn't justify spending $20 on clothes and shoes for Ken. :)

Next, we have Model #16, my favorite of the 2 Ken dolls I purchased (there are 3 total):

This guy apparently has the same face mold as the Ken doll in the "Tango" Barbie and Ken set.  As such, it is a rare face mold.  And pretty handsome, I must say. 

The other thing I love about this guy is his hair.  I'm thinking he'd make a great OOAK Regency guy, maybe Mr. Tilney or Mr. Bingley?  Can't you just see him in Regency attire?

They've really done a great job on the muscle detail on these dolls...I love the way they're sculpted.  I'm not trying to sound swoony, I just enjoy the attention to detail. :)

And here's Model #15:

I must say, this guy was one of those Mattel dolls that was disappointing in person.  He looked a lot better in his stock photo.  To me, he's just a little too Edward Cullen or something.  I'm just not really a vampire fan, personally.  I'm wondering if they used the same face mold as the Edward doll. 

My husband didn't like him either.  He thought he looked like a girl! :)

I think a big problem is the eyebrows...they're just a little too long.  And it might help if his eyes weren't so narrow and elongated, too.

When I was looking for online photos of these, I saw that someone used this guy as a Prince Caspian doll (as portrayed by Ben Barnes).  He was dressed in a simple Barbie prince outfit, and he actually did remind me of Prince Caspian.

The Ken (and Barbie) dolls in this series run $20 a piece in the stores, closer to $25 a piece online.

Here are some shots of the boxes:

These are pics of the entire available line.

I didn't really care for most of the Barbies.  They were either too immodest or too sultry looking.  And I have to admit, the older I get and the further away my figure gets from this ideal, the more annoyed I am at these skinny minnies!!  How are girls supposed to live up to this standard?

The girls on the ends of these two pics probably looked the nicest.  And see how much better the brunette Ken looks in these pics?  Still a little sultry himself, but much less girly.

Some fun facts about blue jeans on the sides of the boxes:

So, my final opinion?  Realize, of course, that I can't give a truly researched opinion since I didn't open the boxes.  Nevertheless, here goes. 

Pros:  I like the variety of Ken hair, eyes and skin (there were three options, including a handsome African American Ken).  I love the idea of a whole box of Ken shoes, shirt, etc.  There are great OOAK possibilities with these dolls.  Also, here's a chance to own some dolls with very unique face molds without paying the $50 or more you might pay for more collectible dolls. 

Cons:  It's still $20 per doll, which adds up if you're planning on having more than one in your collection.  Call me stingy, but for someone who finds Barbies at the thrift store for $2.99, it's a little hard to cough up $20 for one doll.  Also, their elbows don't bend.  I really like the option of more poseability.  And they're all so sickly skinny (this applies more to the Barbies than the Kens).  Why can't we have a fashion doll out there with a somewhat realistic body size?  Finally, from a mom's perspective, I'd be a little wary about letting my girls play with some of the Barbies in this series, simply because I don't want to encourage them towards the modeling industry AT ALL.  And let's face it:  some of the poses and expressions on the dolls' faces are not exactly a good example of Biblical femininity. :} 

I'd love to find a nice, sweet-looking Barbie to make into a Jane Austen heroine, though.  Then I'd buy Ken #16 and make him into a Jane Austen hero.  That would be pretty spiffy!! :)

P.S.  The link I included above goes to part of the incredible "Keeping Ken" website.  This is a great place to research just about any Ken doll that's ever been produced. :) 



susan said...

I agree with you on everything with these Barbies. My daughter does have 2 of them from the first series (a curly headed blond, and the Asian one). I don't like the Kens; they are too feminine looking. But, with your creativity, you could "man" them up. But, I have to say, the face molds of the girls are so unique. They look more like real people than dolls.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Susan! I have to agree with you...the face molds on the girls are definitely unique...especially when we're used to the blonde hair and almost cartoony blue eyes of regular Barbies. I've always had a weakness for brunette dolls (as I'm a brunette myself), so it's nice to see some variety with hair and eye color. I just wish they'd made them look a little "nicer". Some of these ladies I don't think I'd want to meet...especially in a fashion competition. ;)

Jen said...

Wow, #15 has some serious Prince Valiant pageboy hair going on there.

Also, kinda annoyed at how 2 of the 3 Barbies who are "interacting" with the Kens are blonde, and all 3 have light skin. Way to sideline the dark-haired, dark-skinned ladies, Mattel.

(Lastly - this is going to sound slightly stalkery, but I saw your comment over on the Doll Wardrobe's post about Karito Kids. If you decide you want Pita, and don't want to pay full retail, give me a shout - I'm thinking about letting mine go to a new home. Just a heads-up!)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Jen! Yeah, #15 was definitely a disappointment. If I ever bought him, he'd go through a serious hairdo change!

It's funny, I didn't notice the whole blonde Barbie supremecy issue, but you're totally right!! Brunette Barbies definitely need more time in the spotlight! :)

And as far as Pita goes, I'd be totally interested...depending on the price you had in mind and providing I can convince hubby of my need for yet another doll. :} And don't worry, you didn't sound stalkery! :)

Jen said...

I sent you an email with more details about Pita!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks! Sent one back to you. :)

Mia and the Girls said...

Hey, nice! :) And by the way, I LOVE your collection of Beauty and the Beast items! I am working on a collection of Timon and Pumbaa items myself! :)

beast'sbelle said...

Welcome!! Thanks for following. Glad you like my Beauty and the Beast collection. It's been years in the making. :)

Ah, Timon and Pumbaa. I used to have the entire song of "Hakunaa Matataa" memorized (I also used to know exactly how to spell it). :} I used to have this really cool shirt from the Disney Store that had "Timon's Deli" printed on the front. On the back of the shirt was the menu. It had lots of pictures of bugs with descriptions like "Slimy yet Satisfying" and "The little creme filled kind". Hmmm...I wonder if I still have that shirt somewhere?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog! :)

art cabrera said...

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Tnx :)