Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ever After High Raven Queen Review

After almost a week of waiting, my local Justice finally got some of the Ever After High dolls in.  So far, they only have Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen, but since these two happen to be my favorites, it worked out just fine. :)  As I mentioned before, my mom is the sponsor for this thanks, Mom! :)  

I'd like to start by mentioning that later on in this post, I will be reviewing Raven's articulation and will have her completely undressed.  So as I always say, if you're offended by pictures of undressed dolls with developed figures, please do not read this post.

Now I'll admit that these are not the type of dolls I'm normally attracted to, and I realize that not everyone will like them.  That's okay.  I love the concept behind the dolls and the show.  I'm not sure that I'll be 100% behind everything they do with it, but for now I'm enjoying the new experience of seeing a doll line at its very beginning. ;)  

From the moment I first saw the webisodes, my favorite characters were Raven and Madeline.  I love the idea of the daughter of the Evil Queen not wanting to be evil.  Raven is a conflicted sweetheart who doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps, but everyone around her insists that she has no choice.  (Sidenote from Beast'sbelle here: you ALWAYS have a choice to do the right thing.) ;)  Madeline is just a fun, kooky character. I love the fact that she's the only one out of all of them who can hear the narrators. ;)

So without further ado, here are the pictures you've been waiting for:

Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen

A closer look at Maddie's box

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with what they did with the expressions on these dolls.  They all look so serious.  Again, it's that downward tilt of the front of the eyebrows (just like the newest Disney Store Belles).  It almost makes them look a little snooty or something.  The expression fits Raven (not because she's snooty but because she has a kind of a dry, defeated sense of humor...I don't know how else to explain it), but Madeline and Apple at least should have more cheerful, bubbly expressions, don't you think?  I don't understand why they decided to paint all four dolls with the exact same expression. :(

Anyway, we'll save Madeline for the next post.  She seems to be a favorite and has had the most online reviews so far, so I thought it would be fun to review Raven first. :)

Here's Raven in her box.

A closer look at her face.

One of the things that is so clever about the Ever After High packaging is that the boxes look like old storybooks. :)

The back of Raven's box (we'll look at this in more detail in a moment).

The other side of Raven's box, designed to look like pages.

As the box states on the back, there is a bookmark with part of Raven's story in it included.

You may need to click on these next few pictures to see them better.  This top part explains the difference between the "Royals" and "Rebels" at the school.  Basically, the "Royals" are the children of storybook heroes, guaranteed a happily ever after and perfectly content with things the way they are.  The "Rebels" are the children of the villains or "less important" characters who are not guaranteed a happily ever after (usually the exact opposite is their choice).

A synopsis of Raven Queen's story.  As you can see, sorcery and black magic are mentioned, so this may be too much for some of my readers.  My view is usually that magic is a necessity for Fairy Tale stories, but I prefer it to not be a major focus.  Time will tell which way the Ever After High tales choose to portray it.  

A few facts about Raven.

Pictures of the other three dolls being released.

Artwork of Raven.

A few words about the Ever After High website.

These dolls were pretty heftily priced for play dolls.  Justice does usually have a store-wide 40% off sale going, so that knocks a bit off of the price.  Still, some of you might want to wait until the dolls are available in other stores for less.

Contents of the box.

The date and brand.

Here's a closer look at Raven's story bookmark, found at the top corner of her box.

One of the things I really appreciated about this doll was the way she was packaged.  It was very easy to remove the outer see-through plastic part without damaging the box.

All off without a hitch!

I had heard from a YouTube reviewer that the back of the box made a great backdrop, so I wanted to keep it as nice as possible.

Raven...almost set free!

Raven's stand was located inside of the box.  I was able to carefully cut the tape and open the top of the box without damaging it.

The stand comes in three pieces...

...and is very easy to assemble.

Raven's key brush.

The brush part.  I will most likely not use this brush for her hair.  I've found that the wire doll brushes I use for my 18" dolls work well for fashion dolls too and don't seem to be as hard on their hair.

Raven's bookmark easily slid out at the top...

...and the bottom.  Do be careful removing this.  One YouTube reviewer ended up ripping part of her story because of the way she removed the bookmark. :(

Here's the bookmark, free from the box.

The story folds out from behind the bookmark.  I apologize ahead of time for the blurriness of this picture.  Even if you click on it, I don't think you'll be able to read Raven's story.  I'll try to get better pictures of it soon. :}

The second half of Raven's story.

The back of the story.

Here are the instructions for Raven, front...

...and back.

Removing her from the box was much easier than I anticipated because she was mostly held in place by rubber bands.  I would still recommend cutting them instead of trying to work them out, though, especially if you want to save the box.

Something that did NOT please me was the fact that she had about FIVE of those annoying little plastic thingees in her head.  I never did get them cut all the way down...I was too worried that I would cut her hair.

And here she is, free from her box and in her stand!

Her spiky crown

A closer look at her outfit.  That collar looks so uncomfortable! ;)

Her skirt

And here are her fishnet stockings and big clunky heels.  Quite the look... :}

If I tried to walk in shoes like these I'd break my ankles. 

Raven has a big, blingy bracelet/ring thing on one wrist.

Unfortunately, since the ring is attached to the bracelet and not her hand, it doesn't stay in place when her hands move.

Raven's purse

A view from behind.  Her hair is nice and soft and feels like it's nice quality.  It has the tendency to look a bit flyaway, and I'm not sure how well it will hold up to rough play.  I'd guess about the same as a typical Barbie's hair (especially since Ever After High dolls are made by Mattel as well).

A closer look at her hair.

She did have a bit of a bald patch, but a little careful rearranging of her hair made it much less noticeable.

A look at her cute little ears.  She is obviously made to be able to wear earrings, but she didn't come with any.

Her head has a fun range of motion:

Her neck piece/collar thing is made of soft plastic and comes undone at the front, just behind the jewel.

Ah, much better.  But gracious, what a long, scrawny neck she has!

Her belt is made of the same type of plastic material and comes undone in the back.

Her skirt (and her top, for that matter) both close with Velcro in the back.  I was glad to see that the rough side of the Velcro is facing out, so it will be easier to keep it from snagging her stockings when changing her.

A look at her shoes from the front...

...and the sides.  They appear to be made of leather and chains.  Nice.

Okay, and not being a Monster High girl, this part completely creeped me out!!!  The only way to remove her bracelet was to take off her hand!

I know that the dolls are made to have removable hands, but I honestly felt like I was going to break her hand off!  I don't think I'll be using this feature much...

A look at all of her accessories.

Her skirt

Her top and (part of) her tights

Her belt, bracelet, and shoes

Her collar, belt, and purse

I'll now be doing a review of her articulation, so she will be undressed for the next few pictures.

Here's a look at her body and points of articulation.  I've seen on other online reviews such as this one that she's slightly thicker in the waist, hips, and arms than a Monster High doll.

I love how her big toes are separate from the rest of her toes. :)

Some arm articulation.  This is as high up as her shoulders will go when they're straight out.

This is as far to the side (while facing forward) that her shoulders will go.

This is as high as her arms will go.

This is as far as I could get her legs to spread.

She has very nice articulation in the knees.

I could get her to sit on her knees with very little difficulty.

Ick...and here we come to another part I had a hard time with.  Her knee joints can turn all the way around.  Ouch!!  The nice thing about this is it allows for much more posability with her legs.  You can make her toes point in, for example.  It's just a little hard to watch the knee swivel all the way around.  It makes my knees hurt!! :} 

I had a whole lot of fun playing around with her posability.  I especially enjoy the range of motion in her knees and wrists, and I love how expressive her hands are.

I'm very pleased with Raven overall.  I'm thrilled with her posability.  Her hair is soft and fun to play with, and her clothing and accessories appear to be well-made for a fashion doll.  I don't know that they're worth the $36 original price, but with the 40% off discount, the price is a little more reasonable.  

I personally think the styles are a little mature for really young girls.  I don't know that I'd necessarily want my daughters to collect these dolls yet.  I do appreciate that the necklines of the dresses are all nice and high, but I wish the skirts were longer and the heels were a little less outlandish.  It would have been nice to see the dolls with slightly gentler looking faces as well.  A lot of this is personal preference and style, of course, so it will be up to each of you to decide if this is a direction you want to go for your little ones.

What concerns me the most where kiddos are concerned is the difficulty I had getting Raven's shoes back on after I had removed them for the review.  It was almost impossible getting them on with those stockings of her.  I was sure I was either going to ruin her stockings or break her leg...or something!  I've decided that my Raven will not be changing clothing or shoes again anytime soon.  I can't see that being a viable option for a little least if other little ones out there are anything like my daughters. ;)  So moms, be aware that your littlest collectors will probably need a bit of help dressing and undressing these dolls.  I'm also a bit concerned about the fragility of the removable hands.  Honestly, I'd probably not even tell my daughters that the hands came off.  ;)

The story is fun but does mention magic and spells.  At this point it's not overly invasive (it doesn't have Raven chanting spells or anything), but I can't guarantee the series won't go that way.

So overall, I'd give Raven a 4 out of 5. 

In my next post, I'll do a review of Madeline Hatter, Raven's best friend. :)

I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures though, just to tide you over. ;)  As you can see, Madeline is a bit shorter than Raven, keeping consistent with the webisode character designs. 

I figured you might also enjoy seeing a size comparison between the Ever After High dolls and some of my other dolls.

Rapunzel and Belle are not sure what to make of these newcomers. ;)

Here's a lineup of a Moxie Teenz, a LIV doll, Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter, and my Disney Store Belle doll.

Moxie Teenz Tristen and Raven

LIV Daniela and Raven 

Disney Belle and Raven

Here's Raven next to my Pullip doll.

And just for fun, here she is with one of my daughters' Strawberry Shortcake dolls (Plum Pudding, to be precise).

And with a little mini Blythe doll.

I vaguely remembered someone comparing the Ever After High dolls to Lady Lovely Locks, even pointing out that Raven had similar coloring to Duchess Raven Waves.  So just for fun, I took a picture of Raven with one of my Lady Lovely Locks dolls. :)

I also thought that the Littlest Pet Shop dogs or cats might be compatible with EAH dolls.

What do you think? ;)

I thought you might enjoy getting to read Raven's story that came attached to her bookmark, so here it is! 

Overall, I like the will be interesting to see where they take it...

Well, that's all for Raven Queen.  Hope you enjoyed the review.  Stay tuned for my review of Madeline Hatter, coming soon.

Also, if you have any questions or want to see a picture of something I missed, be sure to let me know in the comments. :)

For more information on Ever After High, you can click on the following links:


BlackKitty said...

The articulation seems to be the same as on MH, even sturdier, so they will not break from posing or normal play. The joints may loosen a bit, but not break. Still, it's a good idea to forbid your children to remove the hands, as they have a tendency to get lost (search used MH on ebay and you'll see what I'm talking about). I wonder how much these dolls will cost in my country, I'd lika a Raven too in spite of the boring head...

Sparkie said...

I think that they used the same head sculpt for Monster High on her, most of them wear earrings. I must have her! Good thing I'm going to a Justice tomorrow.

All AG said...

Her hands!!! Lol why would you put the feature on a human doll? XD I feel so bad for her now :(

misspiggy=awesome said...

Ehh... I don't know. I like the whole "rewrite your ending" thing, but seriously Mattel, WHAT THE NARWHAL IS WITH YOUR EYEBROWS?!? Sorry. I have a hypothesis of how the series might end.
Next-to-last episode: Apple sees why the Rebels want what they do. Someone (?) helps everyone who wants to rewrite their ending.
Last episode: The Narrators tell us how the rewritten stories now end. Instead of it saying "The End is just the beginning," it says something like "The End.. and they ALL lived happily ever after."
Sorry for the novel!
peace, love, llamas,

beastsbelle said...

I hope they're reasonably priced for you, Black Kitty. :)

I saw a Monster High doll for the first time at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, and she was missing her hands, so I kind of figured that was a typical problem with the dolls. ;)

The articulation does seem to be pretty sturdy, which is always a nice feature. :)

Sparkie, I think the head sculpt is similar but not exactly the same. There was a facial comparison on Facebook between a Monster High doll and a Madeline Hatter. The Monster High dolls have much more angular faces and the outline of their eyes is actually molded in, while the EAH dolls have smooth plastic with painted on eyes...I hope that makes sense. ;)

Have fun at Justice!

I have no idea, All AG. ;) It is a little creepy for a human, isn't it?

misspiggy=awesome, I quite agree about the eyebrows. ;)

Good hypothesis. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. :)

Tangled Fan 2013 said...

Hi (: I'm usually not that much into the Monster High stuff...but I must admit that these two gals are pretty neat! I saw on the Holly's Dollys Facebook page, something about a Holly O' Hair (Rapunzel's daughter)...Wonder if they'll be making Holly O' Hair dolls too? Cause I might have to get her if they do! :D

The dolls! said...

What a pretty doll!! And I see you still haven't named your Pullip,

Unknown said...

I don't have little girls yet to play with all my dolls, but I really do prefer this concept of Ever-After_High to doll/TV/internet series like Brats or Barbie. As a writer - as I'm sure you're aware - the idea of having the children of the villains choosing NOT to be villains is a unique twist that could open up some very interesting parent-child discussions about peer pressure, stereo-types, and choosing right vs. wrong.

Personally, BeastsBelle, I'm a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan, so the idea of Madeline Hatter interests me to no end. I love, love, love Raven's hairstyle, and I definitely can see my childhood self picking her just for her unique character. Her expression is perfect for that dry humored personality that you mentioned, but, I do wish that Madeline's expression wasn't so similar. (It makes me think that someone snuck up behind her said "Hey!" then snapped a pic of her just as she turned around to ask "What?") I also agree with you that it's refreshing to see that the dress' tops are discrete, but I think that it would be nice to tone down the heels, fishnet stockings, and to lengthen the skirts.

I'm looking forward to checking out the show, and if it's any good, I think I'll point my younger cousin in that direction.

Thanks for the review!

beastsbelle said...

Hi Tangled Fan 2013. I'm actually not a fan of Monster High myself. I talked a little bit about why in my initial post about Ever After High here:

The Ever After High dolls are made by the same company as Monster High (Mattel), but feature the children of Fairy Tale characters instead of the children of Monsters, which I much prefer. ;)

Thanks for letting me know about Holly O'Hair...I hadn't seen the Hollys Dollys post about it yet! :) I've been hoping they'd do a Rapunzel themed doll and a Beauty and the Beast themed doll. If they do, those two will definitely be coming home with me. ;)

Lol, guilty as charged, The dolls! ;) I haven't found a name that really suits her yet. She'll probably end up being "my Pullip doll" forever after. ;)

Hi Unknown! ;) Great to have you stop by. I absolutely agree that this series could be a great conversation starter between kids and their parents.

So far, I've been pleased with the show overall. At this point, there are just webisodes on the Ever After High YouTube channel, which you can see here:

The main problems I've had so far have been with some of the marketing. In order to be clever, Mattel has used terms like "hexcellent" instead of excellent or "hexting" instead of texting. As I'm not a huge fan of overusing the magic spell theme, I wish they would have come up with a different word to slip into their terminology. What bothers me even more is the couple of times they've used "oh my godmother" as an expression. As a believer, I do not appreciate it when the Lord's name is used inappropriately, and this is very obviously a slight twist to the highly disrespectful and overused term.

Thankfully, at this point these phrases have stayed within the written packaging and are not in the webisodes.

I'm glad you enjoyed the review. :) The show really is cleverly written, which I know you appreciate. ;)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You've got Raven! That means Justice should call my dad soon! I actually like Raven facial expression.
'Course I live with twenty-some odd Monster High dolls so...;)
It's amazing how much the outfit changes once you take off that collar!

Amber Spaulding said...

I have a lot of the Monster HIgh dolls, and it still freaks me out that their hands come off like that! lol. This was a great review, I loved that you did Raven first. She's my favorite besides the Daughter of Sleeping Beauty. I really hope that they aren't $36 in the other stores when they get release to them, I don't wanna pay that much for a doll..But then again I might pay that much just for at least one or two. The body of the EAH dolls i like better than the Monster High girls, They look short but at the same time they don't. They're torso's are very close the the Monster High doll called Howleen.

Cindy Sims said...

Well lets get real . Fairy Tales are based on Magic, blood and gore!! If you try to pretty them up, you screw up the whole concept!!! And remember, they are DOLLS!!! In my opinion, fantasy is good for children. It piques their imagination and helps get them ready for the real world. Parents need to teach their children to think NOT how to think!!! But that's just my opinion.

Presto said...

If EA High dolls are designed like MH, you can pull the arm apart at the elbow instead of pulling her hand off. I prefer to do it that way because the elbow joint feels less fragile than the wrist one.

beastsbelle said...

Arrghh!! I just responded to all of you new commenters and somehow lost my entire comment! :{ I think it was too long. Here we go again.

Rose Grace, I hope your Justice gets the dolls soon. All four are currently available online at the Justice website, but I've heard that the shipping prices are pretty high.

As I mentioned in the review, I actually don't mind Raven's expression...I just don't think that same expression fits Maddie or Apple. ;)

And Unknown, I meant to add to my earlier comment that I loved the way you described Maddie's expression. It does look like someone took a picture of her before she was ready. ;)

Rose Grace, I also enjoyed how much Raven's outfit changed when I took off her collar. It's nice to have two different looks for her. :)

Amber, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's creeped out by the removable hands! ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I noticed that there were already a couple of reviews up about Maddie but not many about Raven. That combined with the fact that she's my favorite character so far on the webisodes made the choice to review her first a natural one. ;)

It's my understanding from reading several online sources that the dolls should be cheaper in other stores. :)

I also prefer the EAH bodies to the Monster High ones. Even though they're still incredibly skinny, I appreciate that they're at least a little more filled out than the MH dolls. I also like that they have better posture, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I got Raven and Maddie shortly after I commented. Ravens hair is amazing and I love Maddies shoes! I also think its so cute that Maddie is shorter!

I'll stop talking now.

beastsbelle said...

Okay, since my comment was so long last time, I thought I'd split it up this time to make sure it published. ;)

Hi Cindy...I agree that the original fairy tales were rather "grimm". ;) In fact, I remember being quite disheartened when I looked up the origins of my favorite childhood fairy tales and discovered what they were like originally. :{ However, I see nothing wrong with sharing more "family friendly" versions of fairy tales with kids. There are still great lessons to be learned without delving into all of the darkness and violence. Especially when you have children who are still afraid of the bad guys in "My Little Pony". ;)

I do realize that these are just dolls, but as a parent, I am constantly evaluating the messages dolls and toys portray for my children. I also have a wide range of readers with a vast spectrum of beliefs, so when I do a review, I try to mention anything that MIGHT offend one of them. As a result, my reviews tend to be overly cautious. I'd rather err on the side of mentioning too many "minor" things than saying too little and missing something that would offend or concern another mom. And if I was not a parent and was just collecting for myself, my views would no doubt be a little more lenient.

I agree that fantasy is good for children, as long as they have a good grasp on reality and know how to enjoy fantasy in a healthy, uplifting way. I mean, I probably wouldn't have a blog about dolls and Disney movies if I didn't enjoy fantasy and using my imagination. ;)

As far as not teaching my children how to think, I have to respectfully disagree. As a parent, I believe it is my job to give my children the tools to think through everything they encounter. Every parent, no matter what their walk of life, will be influenced by their worldview when they parent. As a follower of Christ, I'm no different. My faith has a huge impact on what I teach my children. My ultimate goal is to train them to think through the messages they're getting from the world and see if they are consistent with the truth of God's Word. That's why I'm so sensitive to issues like magic, modesty, and even the message of "believing in yourself".

I try to do this in a way that's not cramming my beliefs down their throat. And ultimately, it will be up to my children to decide for themselves whether or not they choose to follow the same path I have and attempt to think in a biblical manner...but it is my earnest prayer that they will.

Of course, I realize not everyone feels this way, but perhaps now you can understand a little better where I'm coming from. ;)

Presto, I heard from another online review that the EAH dolls do NOT have removable elbows like the MH dolls. I also noticed that the Mattel instruction paper that came with my dolls mentioned the removable hands but nothing about removable elbows. If that wasn't the case, I would definitely take your recommendation! It makes me so nervous every time I have to take their hands off! :{

beastsbelle said...

Congrats, Rose Grace! :) Enjoy them!

Oh, and you never have to worry about leaving too many comments. I always love hearing from my readers. ;)

BlackKitty said...

I'm repeating myself, but seriously, don't worry about the removable hands. When I got my first MH, I thought I would blow on it and it would fall apart. Many months of travelling and clothes-swapping, as well as talking to more experienced collectors, have proven me wrong. To put the hands back, I flex them at a right angle and gently press on the exposed writs joint. The only bad thing that can happen is if you misplace the hands and can't find them later.

In a comment you mention that the body is skinny... it is not. The gigantic head and long calves are misleading, but everything else looks extremely accurate to me. Having a smaller ribcage does not make a person skinny. Looking at this doll, I don't see anything that points to that: no protruding ribs, upper arms are the same diameter all over, big breasts, round tummy with a bump under the belly button, fat pockets at the inner thigh. Am I missing anything?

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for the tip about the hands. Today I took Maddie's hands off and almost lost the little white cuff to her "glove"! :{ I just need to get my technique down, I guess. ;)

And point taken about the bodies. The heads do make them seem smaller than they are, and they are definitely healthier looking than some of the other dolls out there. I suppose it's all in the proportions. ;) I still hold to my view that the neck is very long and irregularly skinny, least compared to most of the necks I've seen. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great review! *does happy dance* :)
As you mentioned, I've seen several reviews of Maddie, but not many of Raven, and Raven was one I was particularly interested in (along with Maddie-- she's hysterical :D). Overall, she looks very cool and I'll probably have to get her as long as I can find her for around $20 (sorry, Justice, but those dolls are NOT worth $36!). I do wish their faces were just a little more expressive, as that is one thing I love most about Monster High, but I do like them and Raven and Maddie will probably get along very well with Lagoona, Rochelle, and Robecca. :)

As far as the removable hands, that's actually a fairly common (and HAND-y ;D) feature found in collectable fashion dolls like Tonner dolls. My Ellowyne dolls have removable hands, and while it freaks me out to pull them off (especially since they cost about 5 times that of a Monster High doll), it makes it really easy to put on fitted sleeves or tight bracelets. I've often found myself wishing that my Barbies and LIVs had the same feature.

Thank you for another awesome review! I'm off to read your review of Maddie.

--Kate :)

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome, Kate. I'm so glad you found the review enjoyable. :)

It sounds like the dolls should be cheaper once they hit regular stores this fall, so hopefully you'll be able to get your Raven and Maddie for less. :)

I can definitely see the benefit of removable hands (except as a mom, all I can think about is how quickly doll hands will be lost!). ;) I can see how it helps with dressing one's dolls. I suppose I'll just have to get used to the idea. ;)

Anonymous said...

That feature is marvelous, actually. Monster High girls detach at the elbow as well as the wrist. Easiest dolls to dress and undress *ever*.

beastsbelle said...

I could see how it would definitely make undressing easy...especially after years of dressing and undressing 80s and 90s Barbies. ;)

Caitlin Dundas said...

I love the outfit your pullip is wearing!!! do you have any idea what it is because it looks really cute on her!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Caitlin. :) I know it's a Moxie Girlz outfit, but I'm not sure which specific one it is. I liked it because it made me think of Rainbow Brite and the 80s. ;)

It is a wee bit snug on her legs, so she can't sit very well while wearing it, but it looks adorable, so I use it anyway. ;) I've found that the Moxie Girlz clothing generally fits her the best out of all the fashion doll clothing out there. :)

Caitlin Dundas said...

Thanks for letting me know! I`'ll be searching amazon and eBay for it because I'm looking for a reasonably priced pullip doll and would like some cheap clothing options. Leaning towards the Peter pan one know I've seen how cute she is! I like the underbelly outfit but NOT the expression on the dolls face...

Caitlin Dundas said...

UPDATE!!! I found out which outfit it is! After browsing on amazon I discovered its called after school Avery rollerskater. I'm really happy I've found this out because as I said about the fact that I've been leaning towards peter pan pullip as well as vocaloid meiko (unleashing the inner Japanese fan of me) I also liked rin but I've kind of gone off her as its another dal doll. So yeah I'm leaning towards the Peter pan one especially as shes the cheapest I've seen so far :) and its nice to see there is a really cute outfit I can get for her. Keeping my eye open for more cute moxie outfits now!

beastsbelle said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you found it. :) Yes, I've been keeping my eye out for Moxie Girlz outfits at Goodwill. ;)

Hope you get your doll soon! :)

Caitlin Dundas said...

Sorry!!!! I just realised in my comment I said underbelly outfit! I meant tinkerbell outfit... stupid autocorrect

beastsbelle said...

Lol...I was kind of wondering about that. ;)

Shannon said...

Great review! I became curious about the Ever After High dolls after I saw the free ebook shorts were written by Shannon Hale and read a few. They were pretty good!

I was so excited when I saw the Lady Lovely Locks doll! I loved mine when I was little, I still remember getting the castle and the prince for Christmas one year. Wish I still had them!

I just hope these dolls stick around for a while and get big like Monster High so that my daughter who's now 2.5 will be able to play with them.

beastsbelle said...

Hi Shannon, thanks for stopping by! :)

I loved Lady Lovely Locks too. I had Maiden Golden Waves (the mermaid), Silky Pup, and Silky Mane growing up. The rest of the dolls I have I've found at thrift stores or on eBay. :)

I know that Mattel is hoping these dolls will be another successful franchise like Monster High, so hopefully you'll get your wish! ;)

Meritre said...

Hi, I just wanted to share a little information, just in case you didn't know yet: I heard a few days ago that Belles daughter is going to join this line, too. :) Sometime in summer 2015, I think. Her name is Rosabella Beauty and (as in this story Sleeping Beauty and Belle are sisters) she is Briar Beautys cousin. She is on the Rebel side. :)
Picture is NOT mine, I just found it:

beastsbelle said...

Hi Meritre! Thanks for the info. :) I'd actually seen this picture before and am super excited to see Rosabella Beauty in person. I think she might need to join my Beauty and the Beast collection, don't you? ;)

Meritre said...

I'm sure she'll make a great addition to your collection. She wears yellow and pink and roses, like Disneys Belle :)
(There is even a boy who seems to have borroved Beasts coat, at least judging by the colors, gold and blue.)

beastsbelle said...

That's what I was thinking. ;) And yeah, Alistair Wonderland (isn't that his name?) has the right colors for the Beast, too. :) Now we just have to wait for them to turn up. ;)

leah said...

well it's more human like.

Meritre said...

Seems like a new, smiling version of Maddie is coming out:

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Wow, thanks so much for the link, Meritre! These look so much happier! :D I think I actually like Apple best of all. She always looked so snooty before. :)