Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Shipping on All Cecile and Marie-Grace Items at! :)

Hey everyone!  Just thought I'd bring this up for those of you who didn't know yet.  From now until October 23rd, all Cecile and Marie-Grace items have free shipping! :)  The items themselves are still pretty expensive, but if you were already planning on adding to your collection, this gives you a great break in the price, especially if you purchase more than one item.  Included in this promotion are the special edition Cecile and Marie-Grace dolls!   Shipping is usually an additional $4.95 for the mini dolls. 

If I had unlimited funds and wanted to be a bad girl, ;) this is what I would add to my cart:

Mini Cecile (she is so adorable in this dress!)...

...and the matching 18" doll-sized dress.  This dress is $28, and shipping is usually $7.95!!  I would use these for my Emma doll.  I think the green accents on the dress would look great with her eyes. :)

If I could justify spending more, I would.  But since I just ordered Hayden, I'm going to be a good girl and pass these up.  I've also thought that if I happened to be fortunate enough to win the Doll Wardrobe's contest, I'd use the $20 towards mini Cecile, so it's silly to spend the money now, just in case.  I must confess, though, if the winner is announced before this promotion ends on the 23rd, and I'm not it, I'll be tempted to get mini Cecile anyway! :}  That is, if there are any left by then.  The anniversary minis were made in limited quantities, and I can't help wondering if they made less of Cecile and Marie-Grace since they were the last in the series. 

Anyway, no matter what happens with me, I wanted to pass the word along to all the rest of you. :)  Click HERE to go straight to the Cecile and Marie-Grace page at :) 

So, will any of you be tempted to take advantage of this special offer?  What's on your wishlist? :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! :)

beast'sbelle said...

You're welcome. :)

Shawna said...

I saw this too! I also want the special holiday Cecile and Marie-grace dolls. That's how I'm going to spend $44. And no shipping! Whoo-hoo.

beast'sbelle said...

How fun, Shawna! :) You'll have to tell me what you think of them. :)

Jen said...

Your dream cart is my dream cart, too! I've been eyeing that red dress for Addy, and mini-Cecile is the first mini doll to tempt me since I got Rebecca. Oh, for unlimited funds...or just a bigger paycheck!

beast'sbelle said... thoughts exactly! ;)