Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More New Items from Debonair Designs! :)

Here's the latest group of eBay listings from Debonair Designs, with more on the way! :)

This one ends in just 19 hours!!  You can view the auction HERE.

This one is pretty (and combines Emma's 2 favorite colors).  HERE is the auction.

This darling set is the first of Deb's winter designs.  Isn't it lovely?  This set features full mittens instead of fingerless gloves.  You can get a closer look HERE.

And here's her newest one:
I love the fuzzy hat! :)  You can view the auction HERE.

Debonair Designs will be releasing more winter sets this year, so keep her as a saved seller if you like what you see! :)  One of her capelet sets was just showcased on The Doll Wardrobe's Fall/Winter doll giveaway post, so you can see more pictures of her handiwork there. :)

Deb also has a blog which features many of her designs and some patterns as well.  Click HERE to pay a visit to her blog. :)

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