Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hearts 4 Hearts Nahji Review

I finally had enough time set aside to do my review of my darling new Nahji doll. :)  I had so much fun taking pictures!  She's really photogenic.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested in seeing pics of Nahji new in the box, you can view my earlier post HERE (you'll have to scroll down to the second half of the post to see the pics of Nahji).

Nahji's bangles

Her sandals



Beautiful pearl headband.  This headband has elastic in the back to make it easier to get it on and off.

Nahji...ready to do Bhangra. ;)

Nahji in a sitting position...I was a little bummed that she has this "spread eagle" position when she's sitting.

A close-up of Nahji's "temporary" henna tattoo (although on the doll, it's permanent).

Nahji's head is super poseable, as you can see from the following pics:

She came with this little mini paper book.

Inside is an extremely condensed version of her online journal, which you can find on the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls website .  Just a note:  I have not read the online journals for any of the dolls thoroughly...I skimmed Nahji's enough to know that the little book I got has some of the same content.  Since I haven't read the journals, I can't guarantee anything about their content.  More than anything, I think the focus will be very "girl power" and "believe in yourself and you can do anything".  I discussed my views on this message in my earlier post about Nahji, so I won't go into that again here. 

As the picture above states, each doll comes with an online code to use on the website.  The code is on the backside of this circular piece of cardboard.

Each doll also comes with one of these charm bracelets.  If I remember correctly, the charm colors vary with each different doll.

This is the comb that Nahji came with.  I wouldn't recommend using this on your dolls, as a plastic comb can ruin doll hair.  Nahji's hair was much more silky and nice than I was expecting (especially after working on my BFC Ink doll's horrid hair).  I would hate to think what this comb might do to it. 

I wanted to show you this, because I thought it was neat.  On the inside of Nahji's box, it shows where her home city is located.  Great for learning (approximate) geography! ;)  I think it was a good thought.  I always had a hard time picturing where other countries were as a girl.

WARNING:  NUDE DOLL PICTURE AHEAD!!  Nahji is not as developed as a Barbie, or even a BFC Ink doll, but I thought I'd warn everyone anyway, just in case, since she has a vinyl body. :)

Here's what Nahji looks like undressed.  As you can see, she has a fully vinyl body.  Her arms, legs, and head are movable.

Her lower back has these markings...

...while these are the markings on the back of her head.  This picture isn't quite as clear, but it reads "(copyright mark) 2010 G2G, INC.  1".

I already knew from pictures on AG Playthings and other places that the BFC Ink dolls would make perfect big sisters for the Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, so I was really excited to take some pics of Katelyn and Nahji together. :) 

[By the way, (please excuse me while I rabbit trail) you might have noticed that I spelled Katelyn's name differently than before (or not, but now you know). ;)  That's because I've decided to name her after the main character in a series of books I read as a high schooler.  I briefly mentioned these books in an earlier post, but it's been a while.  They were the Collinsville High Forever Friends series, written by Lynn Craig.  The books were written from the perspective of the main character, Katelyn Anna Louise Weber. 

The BFC Ink Kaitlin doll always made me think of the Forever Friends Katelyn character, and when I was rereading the first book the other night, I realized why.  Here is a paragraph from the book that describes Katelyn's appearance:
"I am fourteen and a half and fairly tall for my age, but in all other ways, I am boringly average.  At least I think so.  Grandpa tells me I'm pretty, and so does Aunt Beverly after she's fixed my hair, but mostly I feel average.  My eyes are green, my hair a rather dark blond in the summer and a light brown in the winter.  It's somewhat longish-about to my shoulders, I guess-and wavy, which is very troublesome.  I'd rather it be curly or straight.  My hair is the one thing in life that is the most unlike me.  I can nearly always make up my mind about things very quickly and very decisively-my hair, on the other hand, is entirely unpredictable!  It seems to have a mind of its own, and I'm never quite sure what it's going to agree to do."

There's more, but that gives you an idea.  The doll's hair is a little bit longer, but the similarities are definitely there! :)  I really enjoyed reading the books in high school, so I thought it would be fun to name Katelyn after the main character.  The books even center around a group of teenagers forming a friendship club, called "Forever Friends" (hmm, kind of like BFC Ink?).  The funny thing is, some of the other characters from the books could be represented by BFC Ink dolls as well.  Kimber would be the Yuko doll, Libby would be the Noelle doll, and Jon...well, CJ could be turned into Jon, I suppose, but his hair would need to change (Beiber hair was not really in when the books were written in the 90s).  He would need a different wardrobe, too.   

I would like to mention to those of you interested in trying these books that I have only reread the first book recently.  The books are no longer in print, but are available on  I haven't read the other 3 since high school, so I can't remember everything about them.  And to those of my younger followers who are following the courtship lifestyle, there is at least one instance of teenagers kissing in the later books.  While most of the focus is on friendship and the club, there are some boy/girl relationships that play into the story as well, if I remember correctly. 

Okay, that ended up being a really long rabbit trail!!  Sorry!  Back to Nahji.] ;)

Well, okay, almost back to Nahji. :}  I took these close-up pics of the two dolls so you could see the similarities in the way their faces were painted.  They both have a sweet but more stylized look about them than some of the more realistic-looking dolls on the market.

They're so sweet together!  I think Katelyn will end up being Nahji's adopted older sister.  Oh, and I may change Nahji's name, too.  I'm deciding between Unati (pronounced "ooh-nuh-tee"), after a sweet girl that was in my cabin one year when I was a camp counsellor, or Priya, after our favorite Indian restaurant in town. :)  I'll keep you guys posted on what I decide. ;)

I also took some pics of Nahji/Unati/Priya with my Karito Kid doll, Elena (fka Pita).  The Karito Kids dolls are great with the Hearts 4 Hearts girls, too.

It's interesting how (at least to me) Nahji appears to change in age depending on which doll she's with.  When I see Nahji next to Katelyn, I think of Katelyn as being around 15 or 16 years old, and Nahji being around 10.  But when Nahji is next to Elena, she looks like she's about 4!  I think the Karito Kids could work as either a much older sister, or as a mother for the Hearts 4 Hearts girls.  What do you think?

So sweet! :)

I love how Nahji can look up!  It makes her so endearing. :)

Here is a comparison photo of all 3 dolls together.  Because the Karito Kids have a slimmer body than AG dolls, I think they work a little better with the Hearts 4 Hearts dolls than an AG doll does.

And just to confirm that, here are some pictures of Nahji next to Emma:

I suppose technically this still works, but I think Nahji is much more compatible with Katelyn or Elena.

Here they are side by side...

...and here are some close ups.  Two pretty girls. :)

I was very pleased with my Nahji doll.  She has a darling face that is very poseable and allows for some great expression in photos.  Her hair is beautifully silky and surprisingly good quality for a less expensive play doll, even though it is rooted instead of a wig.  While her sitting position isn't my favorite, it's something I can live with.  She makes a great compatible doll for Karito Kids or BFC Ink dolls, and is still workable with an AG doll as long as scale isn't as much of a concern for you. 

I would like to take this time to mention that I haven't done much research on World Vision as a company (the charity that benefits from the sales of the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls).  As such, there may be policies or other things they hold to that I cannot fully support.  I didn't really buy Nahji to "change the world".  I bought her because she was cute and I wanted to "play" her.  I hope that doesn't make me sound horribly calloused. :} 

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. :)  As you can tell from the post, I didn't end up getting Nahji's extra outfit (which I love!!).  My gift card was only so big and I'm trying to be good.  If I do end up with the outfit at some point, I'll be sure to do a review.  

Oh, I almost forgot!  On the subject of clothes, when I removed Nahji's clothing, I discovered that her necklace was sewn to her shirt.  It was pretty tricky getting it unattached without cutting either the shirt or the necklace.  I wanted to make sure that I mentioned this in case one of you purchases this doll for a younger'll definitely want to help her undress Nahji the first time so that nothing gets damaged. 

Okay, I think that's it. :} Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read through my rambling review. ;)


Elliebob said...

I think she is sooooo cute. :) I want the mexican heart for heart girl. I dont remember her name. :P I think that elena would make a great mom size. Or maybe an aunt? :) Cool!

Chloe said...

I am now totally in love with these dolls! I want the one from mexico sooooo bad!!! It would be like a little sister t omy 3 ag dolls! I no longer want an AG doll, I want a Heart 4 Heart girl doll!!! Thanks soo much for introducing these to us! I love all your reviews and posts, you've really inspired me as a blogger!


beast'sbelle said...

Hi girls! Thanks for your comments. :)

The Mexican Hearts 4 Hearts Girl, Consuelo, is adorable. She's my oldest daughter's favorite, too. :) I agree with you, Elliebob. I think she would be great with Elena. :)

Chloe, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. The nice thing is, the Hearts 4 Hearts are a lot easier to save up for than an AG doll.

I'm so glad I've been able to encourage you in your blogging. :) I'll be sure to stop by your blog.

Ashley said...

Thank you for this review~ it was thorough and let me know everything I wanted to know about the dolls! I think that it would be so cool if you made a post about your life. Like you dreams and thoughts as a teen and then becoming a Mom. It would be cool too if you told how you met your husband! I'm a fan of love stories.

Renata said...

No way! My online friends's name is PRIYA! I told her about this! I will so follow your blog when I long into my blogger account! This is Priya's website. . .

Priya said...

OMG Priya's my name!!!!!!!!!!! :D You should totally name her that!!!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi gals! Thanks for the comments.

Ashley, I'm glad the post was helpful to you. :) I'll see what I can do on the post about my life. :) I've shared a few things here and there on the blog, but it might be fun to do a post with everything all together. :)

Renata, thanks for letting me know. :) I'll have to stop by her blog.

Hi Priya, nice to meet you. :) There is a great restaurant in town here that shares your name. I love their chicken tikka masala. :) I'm definitely leaning towards naming Nahji Priya, but I'll be sure to let everyone know when I make the final decision. :)

Priya said...

Really? Cool! I love eating Indian food. That is so cool that you're considering that name! When I was in Ireland I saw a store named Priya. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Cool! :)

Bama said...

Congrats on your Nahji! I think she's just darling! I love all of these dolls and hope to add a couple to my collection eventually. I always enjoy your reviews!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Bama. :)

Mary said...

She is pretty, just not my type. Tipi or Dell would be more for me.

If you put her with the AGs Emma and Piper and Tess would probably introduce her to Bollywood, and I think she would be hooked. She looks like a Bollywood kind of gal. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Lol...very true, Mary! I think Emma and Piper would love to introduce her to Bollywood! ;)

Char said...

What a fantastic review! I absolutely love Nahji and my daughter has her heart set on getting Tipi although they are all so cute.

I especially love all your side by side comparison photos!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Char. :)

Abilene Lilac said...

I just got my first Hearts for Hearts doll, Lauryce, and I am in love with her! About World Vision- they're actually a Christian company; I was so glad that I could support them, since some of my family's money usually goes there anyway. :) Here's a link to their website:

beastsbelle said...

Congratulations, Abilene, and thanks for the info. :)

Megan Rose said...

Some two years later- I am so glad you got Nahji as I am also lucky enough to have her. She is so cute. Though my doll is differently abled as she was in a damaged box. I also wish I could get her sari but only 2 H4H products were on the shelves. The first product to be wheeled away in a trolley was Rahel and then Nahji followed a few days later to be reunited with her sister.

beastsbelle said...

Megan Rose, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I love these dolls so much. I'm glad you were able to get a Nahji and Rahel of your own; they're both such beautiful dolls! :)

The Hearts For Hearts Girls are getting harder and harder to find now. I hope the line continues to succeed.

leah said...

a 7 year old a junior higher & a teenager i think would be about i think that they could be as sisters