Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Think About What You Type

Any of you who enjoy watching American Girl stop motion or music videos on YouTube are probably aware that (as usual) there is a lot of drama on there right now.  I don't like getting into the middle of this stuff.  In fact, I felt hesitant to mention anything and bring more unnecessary attention to it. 

However, since I have several links throughout my blog to videos belonging to some AG YouTube channels, I thought it would be appropriate to just mention it briefly, since by following the links I've added, you may come across some of this.

I'm not going to name names or take sides.  Honestly, I find the whole situation very sad and blown out of proportion...on both ends.  Which brings me to the point of this post:  please watch what you say online.  Please just stop a minute and think before you type in the heat of the moment and then click that enter button. 

As girls, we feel things deeply (at least most of us) and we express those feelings through our words.  It's easy for us to get caught up in our emotions and speak before we really think about what we're saying. 

When I was growing up, my hasty words often got me into uncomfortable situations at home, on the playground, or in the locker room.  Now, we have a whole generation of girls who can connect to millions of other people through the Internet.  A hastily "spoken" sentence has a much more devastating effect than it did in my day.  Instead of hurting a handful of girls in one's class, a girl has the potential to hurt or offend thousands with just one click of a button.

Please think about what you "say" on the Internet.  Whether you're on Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, take a moment to think before you type that angry sentence.  For those of you who are my sisters in Christ, think about the fact that you are being a testimony in everything you do, even on the computer.  Whether you are a good or a bad testimony is up to you.  Don't forget that many other girls you connect and interact with are your fellow Christians and sisters...and those who aren't may be influenced by your treatment of them, especially if they know you're a Christian. 

For those of you who aren't followers of Christ, think about how you would like to be treated, and try to treat others the same way.  It's a matter of common sense and decency, and the best way to have a pleasant, functional online community. 

I bore the brunt of many jokes and cruel comments in my younger years.  I can still remember many of these instances with vivid clarity.  Don't do the same thing to some other girl you've never even met.  Before you judge or get involved in someone else's drama, think about how you would feel in that person's situation.  Try to imagine things from their perspective before you condemn them.  Don't spoil something beautiful by letting bitterness or anger lead your actions.


Anonymous said...

Yes I totally agree! Thank you for sharing this post :) It's so sad in the news when you hear of a suicide because of bullying someone on Facebook, it just breaks my heart.. literally!

Spicemuffin and Company said...

I'm sorry had bad experiences when you were young. :(
I hope this YouTube stopmotion thing clears itself up.
After all, the videos are about dolls, not real living people. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, gals. :)

I completely agree, Anonymous. It's so easy to forget how crushing online issues can be to young people.

I wanted to clarify, Spicemuffin, that what I went through was nothing compared to what many kids go through...just the typical types of unkind words and actions that most kids have to deal with. I just wanted to make the point that things that happen to you stay with you for a long time. That's why we need to be so careful.

Claire said...

I think you just spoke for us all on this situation.

I haven't checked YouTube at all lately since I don't have much of an interest of making videos anymore, but I've heard a bit about the drama.

As a sister in Christ, I completely agree with this; and firmly believe that there should be a little more kindness and a lot less drama than there has been recently.

I think everyone needs to see this post. Thanks for taking the time to make this post, asking us to pause and think about who we can offend or hurt by just clicking once simple button. Everything in here is one-hundred percent true.

beast'sbelle said...

I realize that online unkindness and bullying affects everyone, not just "young people", as I said in my earlier comment. I suppose I should have thought that comment out a little more before I clicked enter. ;)

beast'sbelle said...

Thank you, Claire. :)

Miranda said...

I completely agree with this! I myself am kind of "old fashioned," so to speak, and I just don't understand this drama! It's just pointless, with a few people(in girloftheyearstudio's case,) that are just saying mean things because she spoke out about it! This kind of stuff is just wrong, and I think it's just a type of senseless "violence" that everyday people can just throw out into the wind.

Thank you for sharing this post, and I wish I could point this post out to everyone! :)


beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, Miranda. :) I appreciate your thoughts. Like I hinted at before, I think things could have been handled differently by all parties concerned. There are ways to share your feelings or state your opinions in a kind, respectful way, no matter what the situation. Sadly, that is not the way things are being handled right now.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Anonymous said...

Can someone hint what's going on? I'm confused :/

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Anonymous. I didn't want to get into details, like I said earlier. Basically, there has been some conflict between some of the bigger names in the AG YouTube community, and lots of girls are taking sides and saying very hurtful things to each other. I know that's a very vague description and doesn't cover everything that's going on, but I don't really want to go into any more than that. Please keep this in mind, everyone. I don't want to start drama here. My goal is to keep my blog as uplifting and drama-free as possible.

Elliebob said...

Great post. I hope I have not said anything without thinking. :) Thanks for keeping us aware

Elliebob said...

I also love your new header. :)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Elliebob! :)

Suzan said...

Exactly! Also concerning this matter, I think it's also important NOT to give out personal info, or meeting someone you met online. I was surprised to read about girls meeting in the Seattle American Girl Place. Just a tip ;)

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Suzan. An excellent point.