Saturday, October 29, 2011

Belle's Bulletins Blog

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to do a quick post for those of you who read the "Belle's Bulletins" section on Tess and Maggie's blog.  "Belle" (my Disney Store 12" doll) has found it more and more difficult to post on the pages as she continues with her story, so I figured it would be easier to have her post on a separate blog.  You can find Belle's Bulletins HERE.  Belle would love to get some more followers (she's got 2 so far), so if you're interested, be sure to go check it out! ;) 


Emmie said...

Thank you so much! I am totally enjoying her journey, what are the order of her Bulletins? I think I was reading out of order :/ Also, how often is Belle going to be posting this amazing tales? Can't wait for more!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Emmie. :) Reading things in order should be a little bit easier now that Belle has her own blog. You can just start with the oldest post and work your way up to the newest.

I'm not sure when the next post will be exactly, but I know she has a couple up her sleeve. I'll probably mention something when she updates her blog. :)