Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Funko My Little Pony Princess Luna and Princess Celestia Vinyls

Okay, now that I've finished my first revised draft of my story, it's time to take a breather from that and start going through my ridiculously large list of draft posts. I have a good couple of month's worth of material if I just sit down and finish them! ;)

I thought I'd begin with my review of the Funko Vinyl Princess Luna and Princess Celestia figures, which I ordered from Hot Topic last fall. As far as I know, these two have not been released in any other stores yet, and are still pretty hard to find. They are no longer available on the Hot Topic website. (Sorry!) The Funko Vinyls do end up getting into places like Barnes and Noble eventually, though, so keep an eye out for these in the coming months. :)

Aside from the blind bag-sized minis, the Funko Vinyls are my favorite My Little Pony figures because they look so much like the original characters. I've had to downsize some of my collections in the past few months, and many of my G4 MLP brushables have moved on to other homes. I just find that I prefer the Funkos over the brushables because they look so much better.

We'll take a look at Princess Luna first:

Here she is in her beautiful packaging.

Box details:

All of the Hot Topic pre-release Funkos have this sticker on the front of the box.

The top of the box. 

Side view

Back of the box

Other side

And the bottom

Luna is easily removed from her package. I know I've mentioned this before, but the Funko Vinyls and Funko Pops are a toy reviewer's dream. I can take them out of their packages for extensive photo shoots and reviews, and then put them right back in as if they were never opened. I wish more toys and collectibles could be packaged like this.

Here is beautiful Luna. I've always been more of a Princess Celestia fan myself, but I loved how perfectly they captured her and knew I wanted her for my collection. Luna is just stunning. I think my favorite part of Luna is the sparkly, see-through parts on her mane and tail. It's a great way to portray her mane and tail as they appear on the show.

Here she is from the back...

...from the other side...

...and from the front.

A close-up of Luna's face.

Luna has her moon-themed necklace.

She also has her lighter blue shoes.

Her moon cutie mark is nicely painted.

And, like all of the newer Funko Vinyls, it is on both sides. (Another feature I wish the Hasbro brushables would apply to their line. They did cutie marks on both sides in the 80s. Why not now?)

Each of the newer Funko Vinyls has a number on the bottom of one front hoof, and the My Little Pony logo on the other front one.

The Funko Vinyls do tend to have some flaws here and there, and Luna is no different.

There's an odd line on one wing where it looks like they had to add some extra plastic.

This seam line on her face is rather rough and a bit dirty-looking.

And she does have a bit of a paint glob here on her mane. (This picture really gives you a great close-up of the gorgeous detail on the sparkly part, though.)

While this isn't a flaw, I did find it odd that her mane doesn't go all the way to the back of her crown at the top of her head. It just looks a bit funny from the top. :}

Let's move on to Princess Celestia, and then we'll look at some comparison pictures.

Here she is! :)

Box details and artwork from the front:

The top of the box.

Side view

Back of the box.

The other side.

Bottom of the box.

Here is Celestia in her clear plastic packaging. Just pop her out, and she's ready to go. :)

Celestia is quite lovely and detailed, too.

Here she is from the back...

...the other side...

...and the front.

And here's an extra look from the front at a slight angle. ;) 

Celestia's face. 

A closer look at her crown. As you can see, there is a very slight paint flaw on the jewel. 

Celestia's necklace

I love the detail of her mane...

...and her tail, too. I wish they had made it sparkly like Luna's, though. Celestia's mane and tail don't have the same see-through sparkles that Luna's do in the cartoon, but they do still sparkle.

I love the sculpt on her wings and her nicely painted cutie mark. (It's on both sides on Celestia as well...I just forgot to take a picture.) ;)

Celestia has her tall, golden shoes.

She also has the number and MLP logo on the bottoms of her hooves.

Celestia doesn't have as many flaws as Luna. 

She does have a slight paint flaw on the logo on her hoof (which is not a big deal).

There are also few gaps in the plastic between her mane and her head and her horn and her mane. Other than that, she's in perfect condition.

Here's a side-by side comparison of the two princesses together. And here I just have to call attention to one of my first major disappointments when I received both (Luna arrived in the mail first). Scale is a big thing to me as a collector. It probably comes from having a dad who does model railroading. That, an being an "artist" who struggles with proportions in my drawings, so I'm always paying attention to them. ;) While I love both of these figures, I'm disappointed that Celestia and Luna are basically the same height. Anyone who watches the show knows that Celestia is quite a bit taller than her younger sister. 

To be honest, something seems a bit off to me about Celestia's scale in general. Her head is a little too big for the rest of her. It's almost as if her head is the right scale for Luna, but her body needs to be taller and longer to fit her head. Does anyone else see it? Check out this image of her at My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki and see if you agree.

Celestia is still lovely and this scale issue isn't a deal-breaker for me, but I would have been thrilled to see her the right size in proportion to her sister, especially since Funko paid attention to so many other details.

Both gals are well sculpted, and I'm happy to have both in my collection. Luna is definitely my favorite of the two, though.

So while we're on the subject of scale, I thought it would be fun to compare Celestia and Luna to some of my other ponies and see how they compare.

Here's where the Funko Vinyl scale issues really come up. My Twilight Sparkle Funko Vinyl is huge! Even as an alicorn, Twilight's head only comes up to Princess Celestia's shoulder, or right about there. I really wish Funko had been able to keep all of the characters of their line in the correct scale. I know that they were probably going for a similar size for all of the figures, but honestly, I don't think I could display these two together. It would bother me too much. I know, I'm weird. ;)

My Twilight Sparkle all-vinyl figure from Hasbro is actually just about right. However, in this picture, Celestia's head really looks too big for the rest of least to me. If I were to display a Twilight next to her, though, I'd go with this one.

The brushables, like my brushable Fluttershy, are about the right scale, but the all-vinyl ones look better next to Celestia since she's all-vinyl. Too bad Hasbro only made Twilight, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie in all-vinyl. I wish they'd done Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity, too. 

The blind bag ponies are, quite obviously, much too small in scale. ;) In this instance, though, the scale is so different that it could actually make for a fun display shelf. Giant Celestia surrounded by tiny ponies. ;)

Allow me a very quick rabbit trail here. Taking pics with my blind bag Twilight Sparkle reminded me that I hadn't shown you guys my new blind bag Alicorn Twilight Sparkle. :D She's only available in the My Little Pony Rainbow Magic Game. The game was simple and fun enough to play a few times with the girls, but I totally bought it for the Twilight pony. ;) I picked it up in Target several months ago for around $10. You can see what the box looks like HERE. I would highly recommend buying this in person if you can, though. There was apparently an older version that came with a regular Twilight, so you want to make sure you get the right one. (Even the picture on the Target website I linked to shows the regular Twilight.)

Here's a picture of regular Twilight next to Alicorn Twilight. You can see there are slight variations to the color.

And here she is with Flash Sentry, just because. Yes, we're cool with Twilight and Flash in this house. Except he was kind of an unnecessary character in Rainbow Rocks. Maybe they didn't use him much because everyone was so up in arms about him from the first Equestria Girls movie. I do wish they'd made pony Flash more orange, though. He's a little too yellow.

Here's mini Alicorn Twilight with Funko Vinyl Alicorn Twilight. Which brings us back to the original subject of this post. :} Returning from the rabbit trail now. ;)

Luna and Twilight are a little more in scale with one another, although Luna should still be just a touch taller and possibly a little bigger in her proportions to match Twilight perfectly.

The brushable-sized all-vinyl ponies from Hasbro are much too small to work with her, since she's closer in size to them than Celestia is. This is about the size of one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. ;)

Here are all of my Celestias together. From left to right, Hasbro brushable Celestia, Funko Vinyl Celestia, blind bag-sized Celestia from the Toys R Us Exclusive "Friends Forever Collection" (purchased on sale at Ross), and Hasbro Celestia from the Costco "Midnight in Canterlot Pony Collection."

My Luna collection is quite sparse by comparison. I had a Hasbro brushable Luna but just sold her on eBay as part of my "downsizing the collection movement" of the past couple of months. ;)

My only other Luna is this little blind bag-sized one, from the same set as my little Princess Celestia.

So, it's time to share my official rating on these two gals. I'm going to follow my usual rating system. However, since some of my toy-related categories don't apply to collectibles, I added an extra category. Do any of you have any suggested categories for future collectible reviews? Especially if they begin with "p"? ;)

Pleasing Qualities: 5 out of 5
   Overall, I'm very happy with Princess Celestia. Funko put a lot of beautiful detail into her. I love the look of her flowing mane and tail and the accuracy of her color (I'm still recovering from all of the pale pink Celestia's at the beginning of the Hasbro toy releases). ;) Her extremely minor paint and plastic flaws are not enough to take away from everything else.

Posability: N/A (These figures are meant to be displayed and are not marketed for their posability.)

Playability: N/A 
  Again, I'm not going to rate these because the Funko Vinyls are marketed as collectibles, not playthings. However, since their box says they are for ages three and up, I figured I would discuss that a bit. I would be extremely hesitant to give these to a three-year-old. Not for safety reasons, but because I think that the manes, tails, and horns could be easily broken, especially if these were thrown around or slammed too hard against the floor. I have a three-year-old niece who loves ponies, and while I love her dearly, I don't know that I would be comfortable giving her these to play with...especially the ones that belonged to me. ;) As far as actual playability, I think a brushable pony, with its moving head and brushable mane and tail, would be more appealing to her.

Price: 5 out of 5
   For a MLP collectible, Celestia is very affordable, especially since I purchased mine during one of Hot Topic's frequent 20% off site-wide online sales. I believe the regular retail price for these is $18.99. They are pretty spendy right now on the secondary market, but they should eventually be released to other stores, when they will be more reasonable again.

Portrayal (i.e., Character Depiction): 4.5 out of 5
   Overall, I think Funko did an excellent job on Celestia. I'm docking half a point on portrayal because her head still seems a bit out of proportion to me, and I wish her hair was sparkly like Luna's. I also really wish they would have kept Celestia, at the very least, correctly proportioned to her sister. I can kind of understand why they didn't keep her proportions accurate to the smaller ponies, because she would have to be much bigger than the rest of them. But at least keeping her the right proportion to Luna would have been nice.

Would I recommend her?
   Yes. Most of the things I noticed about Celestia are minor details that would only be noticeable to a scale-obsessed fan like myself. ;) Celestia is a beautiful collectible and looks great on display. I would highly recommend waiting until she is released in regular stores, though. She'll be a better price then.

Pleasing Qualities: 5 out of 5
   Luna is incredible. She's beautifully portrayed and looks amazing on display, in or out of the box. Even though my particular Luna has some minor flaws in her paint and mold, I'm still giving her a perfect score because her positive qualities make me not even care that much about the little issues of a paint blop and some rough mold edges.

Posability: N/A (see above)

Playability: N/A (see above)

Price: 5 out of 5
   See above for the reason. ;) 

Portrayal: 5 out of 5
   I think Funko captured Princess Luna perfectly. From her sparkly hair to all of her details, she is a spot-on replica of the cartoon character. :)

Would I recommend her?
   Absolutely. I'm not even a huge Luna fan, but this is one of my very favorite pieces in my entire MLP collection. She's just gorgeously portrayed. A must-have for any Luna fan. :) As with Celestia, though, I would recommend waiting until she is released in regular stores unless you want to pay at least twice what I paid for her.

I hope you all enjoyed this review. :) Next time around, we'll be taking a look at the Funko Vinyl Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, and Spike figures. There will also be other non-MLP related posts coming up, so don't despair if you're a doll person waiting to hear about dolls. ;) 

For those of you who are MLP fans, which is your favorite, Princess Celestia or Princess Luna? (Both as figures and characters.) Why?


MyLittleMegara said...

I love Luna, both in Funko and on the show. She seems more... real than Celestia somehow, because we see her trying to adjust to life as a pony after being banished and all that. Also I've always loved designs of the moon, for some reason, and she has that awesome glittery hair.

dannyscotland said...

I agree that something looks "off" in Celestia's size, but I'm not sure exactly what it is, either. I kind of think maybe her neck should be longer? I like Luna better, too. I think I hold a grudge against Celestia for not apologizing to Twilight when she was calling out the fake Cadance in the wedding episode. "You have a lot to think about." Then "This is your victory as well as theirs" or something like that, but she never apologizes to her. The others do, but she doesn't. That just bugs me for some reason, so I like Luna better.

Presto said...

Wow, I've resisted buying merch of Luna thus far because there was never a good representation of how she looked on the show, but this figure *might* just break me. I love how they did her mane and tail for this figure.

Farrah Lily said...

Great post! These figures are really cute, but I totally agree about the scale thing..that bothers me as well and I always notice that in any toys/figures I come across. I've had my eye on some of these Funko Vinyls so I really enjoyed your's great to have you "back!" :)

beastsbelle said...

Hi MyLittleMegara! :) It's funny, I suppose I'm always naturally drawn to the "good guys" rather than the reformed "bad guys". I do definitely see your point, though. Luna has really grown on me, especially since we've had several episodes featuring her now. :) And yes, her hair is pretty fantastic. ;)

Hi dannyscotland! Thanks for stopping by. :) I think the neck and legs do need to be longer...and maybe a bit thicker to match her head?

Oh yes, that part with Princess Celestia was pretty awful. I was also disappointed with how easy it was for Queen Chrysalis to defeat her in that episode. Celestia didn't seem all that powerful...

Presto, I completely agree. This is the first Luna that actually looks like her. She's just perfect. :)

Hi Farrah Lily! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's bothered by scale. ;) Glad you enjoyed the review, and it's great to be "back". It's been really overwhelming trying to divide my time, but I've missed this. :)

Anonymous said...

As if I didn't want Luna enough before. This is the best model I've seen of her (in pictures only since I haven't been fortunate enough to find her for a reasonable price). At least I managed to get Twilight Sparkle (I also have the Rainbow Magic alicorn Twilight). Too bad Luna is nigh impossible to get reasonably now. :p Why can't Funko make more of them? Don't they realize how much money they are missing out on?

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

Hi ytak! :) This Luna is amazing. They did such a perfect job capturing her.

I'm sorry you haven't been able to find one for a good price. If you can be patient, I've found that the Funko Pre-Order Exclusives usually end up in stores like Barnes and Noble a year or so later. I know it's a long time to wait, but it would definitely be better than paying the crazy eBay prices for her. ;)

Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by. :)