Monday, June 22, 2015

New Classic Disney Dolls Are Here! :D

Hey guys! I had another post in mind for today, but this one takes top priority. ;) The newest lineup of the Disney Store Classic Dolls has arrived, and I couldn't wait to share it with you!

One of the most exciting things about this year's selection is that some of the prince dolls finally got some significant changes. And for those of you who really wanted those awesome limited edition dolls and couldn't afford them, now you can get some of the same face molds in the Classic Dolls! :D

But I'm getting ahead of myself. :}

Here are the new dolls for this year:

Beast (original image HERE)

Of course, I'm going to start with my favorites. ;) Here is the Beast doll for this year. As you can see, he has the legs, paws, and the head of the limited edition Beast doll. The weird thing is, in his description, it still says you can take the head off and reveal the prince underneath. My question is, can you really hide a prince in those legs? Is it just a Prince head on a Beast body? Did they just forget to change the description? I'm tempted to get this guy just because he's new and different, but I REALLY don't want a doll that has the same empty, crazy neck as the limited edition doll. What do you guys think? Should I risk it? I guess I could just keep him as a Beast... 

Belle (original image HERE
I am SOOO excited about this doll!! At last we have a Belle doll that doesn't look angry! :D This is the first time in several years that I'm genuinely excited about bringing home the newest Disney Store Belle doll for my lineup. :) Her face is so sweet. 

Eugene (original image HERE)
I think this is the other doll I'm the most excited about. :D I loved the face sculpt on the limited edition Eugene doll. (Yes, I know they still call him Flynn at the Disney Store, but that irritates me. His name is Eugene!!) Now I can take a doll with the same face mold home without spending a ton of money. :) I love that the Prince dolls have more definition to their hair this time around.

Rapunzel (original image HERE)
I LOVE Rapunzel this year, too! Kudos to the Disney Store for giving her a super detailed dress and a sweet new face. It looks to me like they painted her face similarly to the limited edition Rapunzel doll. What do you guys think?

My one hope is that the Disney Store didn't skimp on her hair like last year. I hope she has the same thick, luxurious hair of the earlier dolls. I'll soon find out! :D

Aladdin (original image HERE)
Here is the new Aladdin, also in the new face sculpt from his limited edition counterpart. I think he looks great...although perhaps a bit too serious. It's fun that he got a makeover the year his movie will be released on Blu-ray, too. ;) 

Princess Jasmine (original image HERE)
As far as I can tell, Jasmine appears to have the exact same face mold but a modified outfit. She's got a very pretty face. :)

Prince Eric (original image HERE)
Prince Eric seems to have his LE face sculpt, too. I'm pretty sure he's in a different outfit as well, or at least it has slightly different coloring. I feel bad...I normally don't pay much attention to the prince dolls because they're always the same, so I don't really know for sure how different they are. Those of you who collect the other dolls will know just by looking, though. ;) 

Ariel (original image HERE
Ariel looks exactly the same to me, but I'm sure there are subtle differences. Most of the princess dolls seem to have slight changes to their face paint, so maybe Ariel does as well.

Prince Phillip (original image HERE)
Prince Phillip has his new LE face sculpt and a new outfit. Honestly, I kind of preferred his old face sculpt, but again, for those of you out there who loved his limited edition doll, now you have a chance to at least have the same face sculpt. :)

Aurora (original image HERE
Aurora seems pretty much unchanged as well, aside from a new dress. Still very pretty, though.

Prince Charming (original image HERE)
Prince Charming has his LE face sculpt. It also appears that he's had some updates to his outfit. Again, not my favorite doll, but I'm thankful they're giving Prince Charming fans a chance to have a new mold.

Cinderella (original image HERE
Cinderella also appears to have the short end of the stick on the whole update process. She has a modified dress, but honestly, it looks a little plain compared to some of the others she's had. It makes me wish I'd picked up last year's version for Little Gal.

Prince Naveen (original image HERE)
Naveen is another doll who ended up with a slightly modified face sculpt. In this case, though, I wish they'd stuck with the original. I felt that the LE Naveen doll's eyes looked too small and beady, especially when he was next to Tiana. I loved the older Naveen's large eyes. Now I'm wishing I'd grabbed him when he was $6. :( Oh well...maybe he'll turn up at Goodwill sometime.

Tiana (original image HERE
On the other hand, I love this year's Tiana. I'm so happy that they put her in her blue dress. This is my favorite of her movie dresses. :) It's too bad they didn't put Naveen in his newsboy cap, vest, and slacks to match. That would have been really fun. :)

Captain John Smith (original image HERE
I'm pretty sure this is also John Smith's LE face sculpt. 

Pocahontas (original image HERE)
Pocahontas is another doll that seems virtually unchanged, aside from a few subtle differences in her face paint. I wish they'd found ways to update each doll so that every collector would have something to be excited about.

Li Shang (original image HERE)
Shang also has his new face sculpt. This would be exciting for Oldest Gal, except for the fact that she decided she didn't want to have a Mulan collection after all. ;) She had always loved the Mulan dolls, but she just saw the movie for the first time this year. While she really enjoyed it, she decided it wasn't her very favorite. She actually told me that she's not sure she has a favorite princess, which I told her was absolutely fine. 

Her current fave is Disgust from Inside Out. ;)

Mulan (original image HERE)
Mulan is another doll that seems to have no changes whatsoever. Kind of a bummer for Mulan fans. :(

The Prince (original image HERE)
Snow White's Prince has a new face sculpt, too. I have to say, while the sculpt itself is nice, this really doesn't look like Snow White's prince to me. He's a bit too angular in his face. Snow White's prince had a very soft face. What do you guys think?

Snow White (original image HERE)
Snow White doesn't appear to have all that many changes either, aside from an updated dress (which I do prefer to last year's). 

Merida (original image HERE
And finally, we come to Merida. Poor girl. Someone must have hogtied her and forced her to wear mascara. ;) She seems a lot more made up than previous versions. My favorite Merida doll is still the original one that was released when the movie came out, without glitter and with her cool bow and arrows. ;)

There are no Frozen dolls listed in the "what's new" section, but the regular Frozen dolls are listed as "Classic Dolls". They still appear to have their movie-themed packaging rather than the more generic Classic line packaging. You can see them HERE

The Classic Dolls are $16.95 each, which is a bit more than I prefer to pay. However, they are currently part of the "buy 2 for $10" promotion, which is much nicer. 

I'm thrilled that the Disney Store decided to pay attention to the prince dolls this time around. It's smart marketing, too. I haven't been motivated to buy a prince doll for years since they always looked the same. But that's changed this year. ;)

I will definitely be purchasing Belle and Rapunzel, in keeping with tradition. ;) Especially since they're so darling this year. Eugene will have to come home with me too. I'm still waffling on the Beast. I'm super curious to see if he really still is a prince underneath or if he's just a Beast doll.

Middle Gal likes Snow White, Snow White's Prince, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Belle the best. Little Gal likes Aladdin, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Prince Charming. Oldest Gal is at her first day of camp, so she wasn't able to share her opinions. ;)

What are your thoughts on the new releases? Are you excited? Disappointed? Will any of them be coming home with you?

You can check out all of the new arrivals from the Disney Store HERE

I didn't mention all of the new Classic Dolls last year, but if you'd like to check out last year's post and do some comparing, you can see it HERE

More blogging fun to come! :)


DisneyWorksGirl said...

Oh my gosh... Disney NAILED it!! Also I feel like the face paint is like the limited edition dolls don't you?

Farrah Lily said...

Yesss, I've been waiting for this! Thank you for putting together this post! The new Rapunzel and Belle look amazing and so much sweeter than earlier versions. I think the only one's I'll be getting are those two, Tiana and Pocahontas (as she's one of my favorites) as well as the Beast. My 6 year old has been asking for a Eugene doll and my 3 year old an Eric, so maybe those will go on the list as well. I think the others are too similar for me to warrant getting a new one, but I might because the girls don't have any of them yet and then I don't have to worry about them asking to play with mine! (Haha, so awful, I know.)
I am curious why they didn't do new Frozen dolls. I would have loved to see the LE mold on Kristoff as well as some different expressions on Elsa and Anna..hopefully they will do new ones at some point. :)

dannyscotland said...

Hm. I think most of them look pretty good. It's nice that the princes have some changes. They all looked a lot alike to me before. But I'm a bit disappointed in Aladdin. He doesn't look like Aladdin to me at all, and he's my favorite. But the others look good.

beastsbelle said...

Hi DisneyWorksGirl! :) Yes, I think Disney did a fabulous job this time around. :D And yes, I also think the face paint looks like the LE doll face paint. It's nice to see a little more depth in their faces. :)

Hi Farrah Lily! :) Lol, I completely understand your sentiment about not wanting your kiddos to play with your dolls. ;) I always feel guilty since the dolls are technically MADE for kiddos the ages of my girls. At the same time, I feel that it really teaches them about respecting the property of others. It really worked in my favor when I ended up taking them to the home of one of my doll club ladies. They were able to play in her doll room after her instructions about which dolls could be played with and which ones couldn't. Not many kiddos would be able to resist the temptation of antique dolls, but my girls did a great job. :D

Like you, I do hope they eventually change up the Frozen dolls, too. I would love to see some variety in outfits, face paint, and head sculpts, too. :)

DisneyWorksGirl said...

Wouldn't it be great to see the 2015 Elsa and Anna in their coronation attire? I would be so pleased, and the scavenger hunt for their coronation dresses will be over! ☺

beastsbelle said...

Hi dannyscotland! While I like the detail of the new Aladdin face sculpt, I understand what you mean. There's something to be said for the more open, cheerful expression of his old face. I think it captured his personality a little better.

DisneyWorksGirl, that would be incredible! :D I was able to snag coronation versions of the dolls from the set at JC Penney's, but they were pretty simplified. I hope the Disney Store does that eventually! :D

Meritre said...

I've been waiting for this post the whole day!
Belle looks a little like Mattels new Signature Belle. But my very first thought was: She isn't angry anymore! Can't wait for your review of the girls!
I think they were just lazy and didn't change the text that goes with the Beast doll. I wonder how his prince form would have looked in this line...
I actually like Philip although the old one looked more like him. Same goes for Snow Whites and Cinderellas Prince.
As far as I can tell, the new prince Eric has darker trousers.
Aurora has now "lips that shame the red rose" it's more reddish, not pink anymore
I think Pocahontas got a new face, too, since she finally has the sideglance the other dolls had the past years.
I'm disappointed that Mulan is left out again, they could have at least change her dress but in my opinion she needs a new sculpt and new facepaint really badly

I wish I could get at least Belle and Rapunzel... Or Elsa and Anna...

Anonymous said...

I feel likes Rapunzel's face is too mature for her, but I really love Tiana this year. So glad she got her blue dress and she has such a sweet face.

Belle lover 15 said...

Hi I love your website so much,and I'm a christian also. It's hard to find good clean websites.
Thank you so much for posting this!!! I love Beauty and the Beast it's my favorite princess movie!!
I got the older classic beast doll, and I like this one so much better. The beast's head on this one looks more realistic.

Aileen said...

I recently bought an Ariel doll when she was on sale because I loved her beautiful face but I do wish they would put her in one of her dresses sometime. I understand she's a mermaid but I don't always need to have the tail. I especially like her in her pink dress or even that teal thing they have her wearing at the parks.

Lydia AGfan said...

These dolls look so awesome!!! I think I will definitely try get some of these beauties!! Even though they will probably be a bit pricy to ship to New Zealand, but I think it'll be worth it!! The beast would be such a unique addition to any collection!! I too am interested to see if there is a prince hiding in there!! Also Aladdin and Jasmine look so fab! And I love the articulation at the elbows etc. All disney dolls that I see in like Kmart and such don't have much articulation.. It annoys me a tad! But anyway thanks for putting up this post! Now I know that they are for sale!! :D

tofanpw said...

OMG! I loved that the princes are updated, most of them look more posh too. I don't mind having a rapunzel doll with thin hair as long as she doesn't look balding, lesson taught by the palace pets rapunzel.

with Mel said...

Wow. There are several of these dolls that I would LOVE!! But with the exchange rate at the moment, I can't see that happening right now. Oh well. I have just bought a beautiful Disney Belle doll though. She is one of my favourites. Will be posting a pic of her on my blog...

with Mel said...

Aileen, I have that Ariel doll in that gorgeous green. She is lovely. Gorgeous bush of red curls too. Will put a pic of her on my blog as well. She does come with the fixed bodice, but it's so pretty I didn't mind it at all.

Dot said...

I've never really had a thing for boy dolls. I mean, I had two when I was younger, but one of them ended up beheaded (dolly sacrifice?), and the other with white yarn glued to his head (I'm so sorry Dumbledore). I also have two younger brothers so, I think I may have reached my capacity for male personalities in one house. I do however, have my eye on Snow White (I've always had a thing for her face, it seems so sweet), Rapunzel (I like her face, but I wish they would tone down the lipstick, I mean not all 12 inch fashion dolls, need to have hot pink lips. I'm looking at you, Barbie)and Jasmine (I have a friend who would squeal loudly in excitement if she saw that. I mean, Jasmine looks smokin' in that outfit). None of the boy dolls really caught my eye, for previously stated reasons(I'm so sorry, Dumbledore). The only one I might be interested in is Flynn Rider, but I don't think they have the smolder right just yet(Kind of like the movie, where they just can't get it right on the posters.) Belle is cool beans, I just already have 2011 Belle (Goodwill FTW!). Have a good day!!

MoxieFun said...

Amazing! But... my favourite Disney Princess was always Aurora and I don't like her in pink dress... I think that she looks much better in blue.

tofanpw said...

Just saw that Hans has officially become a classic doll, he got a suit with printed details and random freckles on his face.

DJwolf-Addy said...

I really wish they'd make Kida and Jane (Kida is one of my favorite characters in all of Disney)

beastsbelle said...

Wowee, I'd forgotten how behind I was on these comments! Sorry to make you wait, everyone!

Hi Meritre! :)

I'm thrilled with non-angry Belle, too. I'm supposed to get my package tomorrow, and I can hardly wait to see her! :)

I've since learned that the Beast doll does NOT transform at all, so you're absolutely right about the website text. I really hope they change it soon, or they're going to have some super disappointed shoppers.

I think you're right on Prince Eric's trousers. Good point on Aurora's lips, too. ;)

And yes, I think Pocahontas does have a new face. Since writing this post, I've been able to see comparison pictures.

Poor Mulan. Maybe one of these years they'll put a little more effort into her. :(

I hope you're able to find one of the dolls you want eventually!!

Hi Anonymous. I'm excited to see Rapunzel's face in person and decide what I think. ;) It's hard to wait one more whole day!! ;)

Like you, though, I'm thrilled Tiana is back in blue and love her pretty face.

Hi Belle lover 15! :) Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I always love meeting a new "sister", too. ;)

Another Beauty and the Beast fan...hooray!! :D

I do like the size of this Beast doll's head compared to the more recent one that was so tiny and silly-looking. ;)

Hi again, Aileen! Nice to hear from you. :)

I would love to see Ariel in one of her dresses, too. My favorites are her pink dress and her blue and black dress she wore for "Kiss the Girl".

Hi Lydia AGfan! Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you're able to snag the ones you like. :) Like you, I'm big on articulation. The Mattel Disney dolls are so disappointing to me with their stiff, straight limbs and painted on clothing. I love the detail the Disney Store puts into their dolls. :)

Love your blog, too! :)

Hi tofanpw! I agree, it's about time the guys got a little attention. When they're just re-released each year, they start feeling more like glorified accessories for the princess dolls. ;)

I really love the thicker hair of the older Rapunzel dolls, but I know that thinner hair can be a bit easier to manage. Tomorrow I'll get to find out. :D

Hi Mel! Nice to hear from you.

Congrats on your Belle doll. I'll have to pop over and see her. :)

Dot, your thoughts about and history of male dolls made me smile. ;) I loved hearing your thoughts about the other dolls, too. I hope you're able to get one or two of the ones you like. :)

Congrats on your Goodwill Belle find! I always love those. ;)

You have a great day, too!

MoxieFun, I completely agree. :) I prefer her blue dress, too. I think it looks better with her coloring. I used to watch the very end of Sleeping Beauty just to see if she ended up with the blue dress or the pink one at the very end. I think it's the pink. (Phooey.) ;)

Good eye, tofanpw! Weird that they didn't change the packaging that much. I'm really looking forward to the day when they re-release ALL of the Frozen dolls as classic ones.

Thanks for all of the fun comments, everyone! :D

beastsbelle said...

DJwolf-Addy, a Kida and a Jane would be a fun addition to the Classic doll line. :) Maybe someday!