Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amazing Sale on AG Cecile and Marie-Grace SOLD OUT

Hey everyone, just a quick heads up this morning.  There is an amazing sale on Cecile and Marie-Grace today at American Girl.  The offer is good through tomorrow morning (12/6/12) at 8:15 Central time (or while supplies last).  Cecile and Marie Grace are just $50 each, including their accessories!  Their Half-Canopy bed is also on sale for just $50.  I thought this might be useful to some of you who are still preparing for Christmas. :)  I'd like to thank AGPlaythings for making me aware of this sale.

I tried going to the website and clicking on Marie-Grace and Cecile and I couldn't get it to work, but after some research on AGPlaythings, I found a direct link to the sale.  Click HERE to see the amazing deals.

I hope this is a help to some of you.  Happy shopping! :)

UPDATE:  Wowee, it's only been an hour and they already appear to be sold out!!  Sorry that this didn't give you much warning. :(


Kristina said...

So did you get any of them? I ordered both dolls; this is such an awesome deal!!!

beastsbelle said...

Sadly, no. This sale hit at a tight time financially for me. Hubby's work has been slow lately, and earlier this week we had to replace two of the tires on his car (a whopping $200 that was NOT in the budget!), so I have to sit this one out. It is an amazing deal, though.

If I had the funds, I would get a Cecile and then send her to Jodybo on AGPlaythings for an eyeswap (I prefer the Sonali mold with brown eyes). Then I'd swap her wig for the #39 I have on hand, and I'd pretty much have a Sonali doll for a great price! :)

It's okay, though. There will be other deals sometime in the future, and I don't really NEED another doll right now. ;)

Eileen said...

Awesome! Come check out my blog at! Ella and I would love it!

Alice xox said...

I got Cecile. It was really amazing that it ended up working out that way - I knew about the sale but had to be at work early today, before the sale was supposed to start, so I was setting all the websites up and was going to leave my card for my mom to order for me, and I noticed that just maybe three minutes before I got AGPT up a member posted the code. So, there I was, at 7:35am, my hair still soaked from a shower, I had to be at work in about fifteen minutes, and I was ordering a doll. LOL. However, I ended up with my pretty girl and did indeed get to work on time with blow dried hair looking professional and presentable, so I regret nothing! :D I wasn't going to order her for a while but for that deal I had to get her. If someone on AGPT hadn't found the code, there's no way my mom would have gotten her.

I'm happy I got the deal but sad for C&MG's future. I don't even like much from the collection (seems to be the general opinion), but the worse their sales are the lower the odds are they'll come out with anything new! And the sooner they get archived.

beastsbelle said...

Congratulations, Alice. :) I'm glad you were able to get one! It sounds like a lot of people where in similar scenarios this morning (the thread about the sale on AGPT was up to 42 pages the last time I checked!). ;)

While I didn't order anything, my mom was able to snag a Cecile and a Marie-Grace for herself, so she was really excited. :) I'm excited too, because now I get to enjoy the dolls without spending the money on them or having to make more space in my house. ;)

It is sad to see that Cecile and Marie-Grace aren't selling well. Aside from the mini Cecile Anniversary doll and Cecile's special dress, there's not a lot I fell in love with from their collection, and I was very disappointed in their books, but just the same it's always sad to see a collection selling poorly. It will be interesting to see what happens to them in the future.

Carly :") said...

My mom told me about this!! She was going to get my sister Christin(8) the bed, but as soon as she out it in her cart, it was SOLD OUT!! So she bought a Cecile for Christin and one Marie-Grace's for each of my sisters Ella(6) and Calahanne(5)!! It will be Calahhane and Ella's FIRST AG DOLL!!!!! :) I can't wait to see their faces!! :) Where were deals like this when I wanted a cecrtain doll??? Haha :) I was talking to my mom,"I bet you Beast'sBelle posted abou this." ;) And I was right!! Haha :) Thanks for posting it anyways!! The deal was a STEAL!!! :)

Your Loyal Reader,
<3 Carly <3

beastsbelle said...

That's so exciting, Carly! :) I'm glad your mom was able to get dolls for your sisters. I'm sure this Christmas is one they'll remember for years to come. :D

I honestly felt kind of bad about posting and getting everyone's hopes up since the dolls sold out around an hour after I posted. :{ Hopefully it was helpful to someone, though.

Have a great week! :D

Jen said...

I was naughty and bought both dolls. The Cecile I can justify - the next doll on my wishlist was #46, and Cecile will look just like her once I get an eyeswap. As for Marie-Grace...I'm not sure what I'll do with her, to be honest. If she's really appealing in person, I'll customize her and add her to Team Modern. If not, I'll probably sell her at cost, or maybe donate her to a holiday gift drive. It feels strange and a bit...decadent? to be buying a doll with such an attitude, but at that price I couldn't resist!

beastsbelle said...

Hey, I completely understand! If I had been in a different position financially this week, I would have done the same! :} At that price, it's hard not to purchase "just because". ;)

Congratulations on getting both. Can't wait to hear what you think of them. :D

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, too. I've been wondering how you've been doing. :)

Jen said...

Yeah, I'm just all "ack, it's Christmas, what on earth am I doing spending $100 on myself?!?" Mostly, though, I'm stoked to get my first brand-new-from-the-factory AG in almost 20 years. :D

Thanks for the concern! I'm alive, just busy. I can't believe I haven't done a full post since July, where has the time gone?!?

beastsbelle said...

Lol...I can understand. But hey, passing up a sale like that takes great restraint! ;) And there is something truly special about a brand new from AG doll, isn't there?

Glad to know you're doing well. :)

Eileen said...

My mom got Cecele on sale! I got her 4 Christmas. You can see pics on my site!

beastsbelle said...

Congratulations, Eileen! My mom got both dolls on the sale, and they are breathtaking in person. I'm sure you'll love your Cecile. :)