Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More "Tangled"

Okay, I promise I won't keep going on and on about "Tangled". :)  I just had to share a quick post, because my copy that I ordered from came today! :)  I wanted to share this because if any of you get the chance to pre-order from Amazon for a new movie, it's definitely the way to go!! 

Usually, the best price in town (at least where I'm from) is at Walmart.  My mom and aunt got $5 off coupons from and ended up paying $23.99 plus tax for the 4 disc Blu-ray combo pack (the same one I ordered, including the 3-D Blu-ray, the regular Blu-ray, the DVD, and the Digital copy). 

I pre-ordered mine from a couple of months ago, because they sent me an email for $8 off plus free shipping.  So I ended up spending $21.99 total for mine.  Then, as an added bonus, today I was informed that I got an additional $5 off.  I had forgotten about their "pre-order price guarantee".  Basically, if the original price of the DVD went down between the time I ordered it and the time they shipped it, I would get the lower price.  The movie went down to $24.99 from $29.99 as the original price, so I got that discount too.  So basically, I got the 4 disc Blu-ray combo pack for a total of $16.99.  Amazing, or what?
I was a little sad about having to wait...amazing price or no...but I got my copy only 1 day after it was released. 

I just wanted to share this with all of you so that you'll know for next time!  I would highly recommend purchasing your Blu-rays or DVDs this way!  I saved a lot of money, which is a big deal, especially where things are tighter financially right now. 

So, keep your eye out for offers from  Mine came thru email...and I do have an account, so you'd probably need to sign up and make a wishlist or something. 

Hope this helps you save some money on your next movie purchase!! :)

P.S.  And no, I'm not endorsed by or anything.  Sorry if this seems like product placement or something.  I was just amazed by the deal I got!! :)

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