Thursday, March 3, 2011

"What a Doll" Finds at Kmart

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you all know of a great deal I found today.  My two youngest daughters and I were in Kmart this morning and stopped by their "What a Doll" line of clothing.  For those of you who haven't heard of this, it's a line of really cute girl and doll matching dresses that go along with a line of Madame Alexander "What a Doll" 18" dolls, sold exclusively at Kmart.  I'm not too impressed with the dolls themselves.  The way their eyebrows are painted makes them look cross, and their faces aren't nearly as nice as the "Alexander Girlz" dolls from Costco, or even the "Friends 4 Life" or "Friends Boutique" dolls from Walmart.  The matching girl and doll dresses, however, are really cute.  I like these even better than the popular (and expensive) "Maggie and Zoe" dresses, because the doll dresses have more detail. 

Okay, so the whole reason I'm jabbering on about these is because the winter fashions were on sale for FIVE dollars a piece!!  If you have a local Kmart, I'd highly recommend stopping by and seeing if they have any of these left.  They were in the girls clothing section on one of the clearance racks. 

I was thrilled to find these.  I'm always looking for inexpensive dresses for my girls, especially since the school they attend (or will attend, for my younger ones) has a dress code.  But hey, at this price, you might think about going even if you don't have kids!  Finding a doll dress alone for $5 is pretty rare, at least in my experience! :) 

My youngest daughter's doll Jane (the blonde) is modeling the doll dress that matches her girl. :)  Check out that hair!  It's a "hard-knock life" when you're the doll of an almost 3 year old. :} 

Charlie is modeling the beautiful lavender dress that came with my middle daughter's girl-sized dress.  I know that the cowgirl boots don't really go (or the Buzz Lightyear necklace, for that matter), but Charlie is extremely attached to them.  Besides, my middle daughter was wearing cowgirl boots with her big girl version of this dress.  Something about being a "princess cowgirl". :)

Here is a pic of the dress we picked out for my oldest daughter.  It's not off of the hanger yet because she's still at school.  What a fun surprise for her when she comes home!

Here's a closer pic of the logo on the tag:

There were also about 5 or 6 really cute matching girl and doll purses.  They were still $10 each, so we didn't come home with any of those.  We were tempted, though. 

Hope you guys found this post helpful.  Let me know if you find any goodies at your Kmart! :)

P.S.  There's also a website:  No good sale prices online, though. :)


Caelen said...

Cool clothes, though I don't know if Canada has Kmart.

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Caelen! Thanks for commenting. Sorry you don't have a Kmart. :(

bwaybabs said...

I LOVE What A Doll outfits!! I don't have anyone to give the girl dresses to so I just donate them to the thrift store. Of the outfits you got, I have the black velvet top/pink polka dot skirt dress and the pink/plaid dress. I also have a couple of really cute summer dresses as well as the pink and black purse. I wanted to get the red/black purse too, but I unfortunately didn't buy the red outfit it matched before they didn't have them anymore so I didn't bother. They seem to change by the season (some of the K-marts within a 30 mile radius of me already have changed, and some still have some of the winter stock) so you should keep checking back!

beast'sbelle said...

Hi bwaybabs! Thanks for commenting. :) Sounds like you got some great deals too.

I love the details on these! So many dolly and me outfits just have a basic dress in the same material. These doll dresses are completely identical to the girl ones. So much more detail. :)

Jen said...

Thanks for the heads-up! The Pie loved having a dress that matched Doll's at Christmas, and would love some more.

(Also, I laughed a bit at seeing someone on eBay flogging these same brand dresses for $25. Oh, eBay.)

beast'sbelle said...

No problem! I was hoping to give some other moms a chance to find this deal. :)

Yes, lovely eBay. It's really ridiculous what some people try to pull off. I can understand wanting to make a profit, but yikes!!

beachbabydoll1 said...

Thanks for sharing these great deals. Got to rush off to check out my Kmart. I like your youngest's doll. She has character with her little bit of a wild hairdo! If anybody is interested, I'm having a personalized T-shirt for American Girl dolls give-away on my blog and only a few entries so far.

beast'sbelle said...

No problem, beachbabydoll1. :) Yes, Jane (my youngest's doll) definitely has character. If she was the Velveteen Rabbit, she'd almost be real. ;)

I was aware of your contest but thought I'd let a younger girl win. I hope you get some more entries! :)

M and M said...

I'll have to check these out, I haven't been to k-mart in a long time

beast'sbelle said...

Hope you can find some treasures! :)

leah said...

tell Me about it my 3 year old sister has the 18inch dolls from target her hair is a MESS don't know if i can Detangel it such a mess I'll send you a pic in email Ka