Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hearts 4 Hearts Girls and Alexander Girlz Dolls on Sale at! :)

This post brought to you by Shawna (thanks!!) and by my toddler, whose nightmare kept me up this late. ;)

Shawna brought to my attention that has three Hearts 4 Hearts Girls for $20 each!  The dolls available at this time are Consuelo, Rahel, and Dell.  This is around $10 off the retail price in most stores, so if one of these three little ladies is the H4H Girl you desire, this is a great deal! :)  You can see Consuelo HERE, Dell HERE, and Rahel HERE.

I also noticed when I was on there that they still have one Alexander Girlz Doll left, and she's been marked down to $24.99.  The one that's left is the little equestrian.  You can see her HERE.

The nice thing about is that the shipping price is already included in the total (as long as you choose Standard shipping rather than express).  It looks like non Costco members may be able to order as well, but you may be charged an additional fee.

I hope this helps some of you with your Christmas shopping!  I bit the bullet and bought a Consuelo for my oldest.  She's been wanting one for a while now, and at that price I just couldn't pass it up. :)  Sigh, now to confess to hubby. ;)


Mickey's Girl said...

Oh I must check out Dell! She's been sold out of most stores like Target and Wal-Mart! :) Thanks!

Mickey's Girl

Claire said...

I hope you slept in! I don't know how you do it! Thanks for sharing the cute dolls :)

Spicemuffin said...

H4H girls dolls are on my wishlist. :)

Shawna said...

You're welcome! I think I saw them in store (like 2 dolls left) for $15. So, shipping isn't that much! I'm glad you got one... I spent my money on Today's AG deal... the Cecile pajamas.

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for commeting, everyone. :)

I hope you get your Dell, Mickey's Girl! ;)

You're welcome, Claire. I didn't really get to sleep in, as I had to get 2 girls to school this morning, but I suppose I'll live. This is nothing compared to living through the infant stage!! ;) And thankfully, my littlest munchkin didn't stay up too long. :)

I hope you get one for Christmas, Spicemuffin! They really are adorable. :)

Hi Shawna. That's interesting that your Costco had them in stock...our local Costco had them online but never got them in the stores. $15 is an even more unbelievable price! :)

Congrats on Cecile's pajamas, by the way. :)