Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some Random Christmas Goodies

I thought I'd go ahead and do a post with some of the Beauty and the Beast and doll-sized goodies I got for Christmas.  Hopefully sometime next week, my gifts purchased with my Christmas money will be here and I can share those as well. :)

So first up is this adorable doll-sized barrel of monkeys that my mom found.  She thinks it was either at Walmart or Dollar Tree, but it's been a while, so she wasn't sure which it was.

As you can see, it's just the perfect size for AGs. :)

Mom also found this cute little Dippin Dots lip balm that is just the right size for an 18" doll.

The day after Christmas, my mom and my aunt and I went to Michael's and shopped their after Christmas sales.  I spent about $7 of my Christmas money there.

I thought these little mini gift boxes would be great for next year's Christmas posts. (The Disney Princess box was not at Michael' was a gift from my mom).

Michael's also had this cute elf hat that looked like it should be just the right size for the dolls.  Does anyone remember several years ago when these hats with the built-in elf ears were everywhere in human sizes?  I don't know how long ago it was...maybe I'm dating myself! ;}

Here's Hayden with her loot from Michael's. :)

The hat was a perfect fit, as you can see from the pictures. 

I also picked up one of the Springfield Collection shirt and pants sets.  My mom had a 50% off coupon, so this ended up being only about $4! 

I don't care for all of the Springfield clothing (and I don't like the dolls at all!), but this particular set is nicely made.  I've done a review of this set before, which you can see HERE.

Hayden was really excited about this Disney Princess box from Mom (as Hayden is my Disney Princess fan).

She can't wait to use it to hold her special treasures. :)

This mini American Girl Place shopping bag was in my stocking.  This was also from my mom (she had a lot of fun finding doll-sized things for me this year!). :)

Two days before Christmas, we were at Kohl's, and they had some great sales as well.   This adorable plush Japanese doll ornament was the perfect size for the dolls! (Disclaimer:  I don't usually purchase things for myself 2 days before Christmas, and I don't recommend it.  Actually, at the risk of sounding incredibly spoiled, my mom had $12 in Kohl's cash that expired that day, and she didn't really have anything she needed.  I found a few things I liked, so she used her Kohl's cash to get them.  She made me wait until after Christmas to open them, though...just in case.) :)

This mini sketch set was another stocking stuffer.  It is the perfect scale for the dolls.

Hayden and Emma both love to sketch, so I'm sure they'll have lots of fun with this set. :)

It came with this mini eraser, 6 miniature pencils...

...and the miniature sketch pad.

The sketch pad opens and is built just like a full-sized sketch pad. :)

This mini lip gloss container will probably end up with the dolls as well.

The saying fits Maggie a little more than any of the other dolls, but she wouldn't be caught dead owning something pink! ;)

Now on to the non-doll stuff. :)  

This pretty ornament was made in India. ;) hands are starting to look old. :(  Oh well, I guess it happens to everybody! ;)

I also got two necklaces that look pretty Bollywood-ish:  

This green one is from my mom and dad...

...and this one is from my aunt (not the aunt that we stayed with).

The same aunt also got me these pretty shoes...

...and a cloth made in India.

This Hallmark Belle ornament was also part of the sale at Kohl's.  I think she's just adorable.

The detail is pretty amazing.  She's really glittery, though.  I opened her in the store to make sure she was intact, and found myself instantly covered in glitter!!

This year, my aunt (the one we stayed with, not the one that got me the Bollywood stuff) made everyone these really fun magnetic boards.  Mine was a Disney Princess one, of course! :)

I love the fun Princess magnets (my daughters really liked them, too!).

My mom found me this beautiful print of the Thomas Kinkade painting of the characters from Beauty and the Beast.  It's actually printed on a thin canvas-type paper.  I can't wait to get it framed! :)  Some of you will recognize the picture.  That's because Emma has a postcard of this painting in her room. :)

I also got this really cool puzzle that has all sorts of Belle and Beast faces on it.  I'm not normally a puzzle person, but this one looks like it could be fun. :)  I might glue it together when I'm done and frame it or something. ;)

We had such a wonderful Christmas.  It was great to be all together with family and friends.  The gifts were fun too, but more than anything, I just enjoyed being with my family (and my hubby's family on Christmas Eve).  Best of all, Hubby got the whole weekend off! :D  He's been really busy with Coke and UPS, so it was nice to have that much uninterrupted time with him. :)

I hope all of you had great Christmases too. :)


Mickey's Girl said...

The blue moon necklace is absolutly beautiful! I also love the Thomas Kingkade print...even though I've seen it before. ;)

Mickey's Girl

Bama said...

Great gifts! I almost bought a little barrel of monkeys too, but after realizing the size, the scale was all wrong for my little Riley. My Historical girls would not have had such a game. So I decided not to get them.
Congrats on all the great sales too.
Happy New Year!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, gals! :)

Elliebob said...

No! Your hands do not look old. Actually every time your hands show in a post, I think how pretty they are. :) thts a fact!

beast'sbelle said...

Aww, thanks Elliebob. ;)

Jenny said...

Your presents are wonderful! I love how your mom looks for doll sized goodies for your dolls. They are all so cute!

My favorites are the Thomas Kincaid print and the puzzle.

I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas! Happy New Year!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks Jenny. It's good to hear from you again! :)

It's really fun having a mom that's into dolls as well. We're constantly on the lookout for items that are doll scale. :)

Happy New Year to you, too!

Elliebob said...

Any time! ;)

beast'sbelle said...