Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.  My prayer is that you will remember Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas, this year, amid all the distractions and pleasures that Christmas brings.

I'm sorry I don't have a big amazing post for Christmas on this blog, but I've spent the last week typing like mad and taking pictures left and right to make my other 2 blogs special. :}  So, feel free to check out Jane Austen and Unicorns and Belle's Bulletins if you're looking for more creativity. ;)

Merry Christmas!


Emma said...

Have a very merry Christmas!

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, Emma! :)

Mickey's Girl said...

I hope you have an amazing Christmas! I'm overwelmed of what I got! I hope to get a post up soon.....I'm kind of lacking them ;).

Mickey's Girl

beast'sbelle said...

Merry Christmas, Mickey's Girl! I can't wait to hear about your Christmas. :)

vkpixie said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas ..


Claire said...

So beasts'belle, I think it would be awesome if you became an author! Do you have any future plans, what kind of books would you write? If I worked for Disney, I would hire you in a snap :D

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks, TracAn! :) I hope you had a good Christmas.

Hi Claire. I would enjoy becoming a published author. I'm part of a local writing group, and I have a children's series and a series of novels that I've been working on for a while.

I actually started blogging to get some practice on my writing and to learn the ins and outs of Blogger. My writing coach explained that it's very common to be asked to start a blog about your book when you're a published author, so I thought I'd practice on something fun. The blogs ended up taking off and becoming bigger than I ever thought they would! ;)

Now I'm so busy blogging, I don't have much time for my other writing! I'm just trying to take one day at a time and see what happens. :) Whatever the outcome, I'm content. I've been so blessed by this blog and all of the wonderful people I've met.

If I do become published in the future, I'll definitely let all of you know! ;)