Friday, November 23, 2012

Moxie Teenz Gavin Review

During my Moxie Teenz phase this summer, I discovered that there was one boy doll that had been made.  His name was Gavin, and he was part of the 3rd wave of Moxie Teenz dolls.  I'd been watching him on Amazon and eBay, but wasn't sure I wanted to pay what he was selling for.  

Then, on one of my trips out of town with my mom, I stopped by a ToysRus, and they had a Gavin for just $14.99. :D  I bought him, completely excited to get home and take pics of him with my Moxie Teenz Bijou. :)  And now, months later, I'm finally getting around to sharing those pics with all of you. :}

To see my previous Moxie Teenz reviews, click HERE (for Arizona) and HERE (for Bijou).

WARNING:  There are a few pics of Gavin in only his built-in underwear farther down.  If this is offensive to you, please skip this post.

Here's Gavin in his box.

And here's the back.

A look at the ladies from the same wave.

Gavin on the box.

Unfortunately, Gavin himself is not quite as nice looking as his package art (which seems to be the norm in the fashion doll world!), but he's still a handsome guy. ;)

Here he is, completely deboxed.  He didn't come with any special accessories...just the clothes on his back and the shoes on his feet.

I love this pose.  It looks like he has his thumb in his pocket, but there's actually no pocket there. ;)

I asked hubby if he would be interested in a suit like this, but for some reason he said no. ;)

Gavin reminds me of an anime drawing.  I'm not a huge fan of anime cartoons, but I have a soft spot for anime drawings.  Several of my Japanese exchange students that stayed with me when I was younger drew in this style, so looking at anime characters always makes me think of them.

Gavin with Bijou, demonstrate their knee poseability.  Bijou is slightly more flexible than Gavin.  She also sits up straighter than he does.

A seated pose.

Gavin has rooted hair, just like the other Moxie Teenz dolls from wave 3.

I have to say, I'm not a real fan of his sideburns and the odd cut of his hair on this side.

This side looks a little more natural.

I decided to take some pics on a white background since Gavin's hair was getting lost in the dark green.

His suit jacket comes off easily.  It has snap closure in the front.

Okay, and is it just me, or does he remind you guys of an anime version of Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer) in the TV series "White Collar"?  Especially in this picture.  (Not a series I can recommend because of content, by the way, but it's a very interesting concept with endearing characters.)

Here's a picture of the real Neal for reference:  
What do you think?

I wanted to get a few photos of Neal...I mean, Gavin...and Bijou together. ;)

And a couple of Bijou by herself, just 'cause she's pretty. ;)

And one more of Gavin, since this post is actually about him.

Gavin's shirt has Velcro closure on the front.  His tie is an elastic band around his neck.  You have to stretch it out to get it over his head for removal.

Gavin has the same points of articulation as the Moxie Teenz girls.  He also comes with built-in underwear, which is always nice.

Back view.

This particular Gavin came with a few flaws in his plastic.

I don't know if this is typical of the Gavin dolls or if I just happened to get a bad one.

A light scratch on his chest.

Here's Gavin with a more casual look.

What a heart throb! ;)  Gotta love those baby blues. 

I would give Gavin a 4 out of 5.  He's a very nice-looking, photogenic doll who makes a great companion for the Moxie Teenz girl dolls.  His poseability is more limited than I expected (more on that in another post), which was a bit of a disappointment.  Also, finding extra clothing for him can be difficult.  To the best of my knowledge, there were never any extra outfits made for him.

However, he is a unique addition to any fashion doll collection and a rare part of the Moxie Teenz line.  For that reason alone, I would definitely recommend him. :)    

Next up, my Moxie Teenz Leigh review! :)


Kath said...

he reminds me of the "60's" band guys.. I remember when they all wore suits to their concerts and for TV appereances. But he does look like Neal too.. I'm a bad girl cuz I like that show... shhh don't tell on me... hehe

I'd love to have one and would make him more clothes too.

Cindybin said...

I'm not much into boy dolls, but he's pretty cute! Great review.

Amber said...

He's a nice looking fellow :) A good size for the moxie teenz as well. I really love the moxie teenz line, I have the red head that's in this line with Gavin. I adore her! Her eyes and hair and amazing. I so! want more but I can't find them anywhere! Not even in a Ross store and when I do find one it's the one that I already have. I do think that the Toys R us near me has some moxie teenz but it's such a long drive from where I live to there.

Anyways, Nice review :) I really liked hearing your intake on Gavin and the other two MT's you got.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, everyone! :)

Kath, there are parts of White Collar that I really like, too...just not a fan of some of the content, and as such, I can't recommend it. I won't think badly of you because you like it. ;)

Thanks, Cindybin...glad you enjoyed it. :)

Amber, if you get a chance, I'd definitely check your ToysRUs. These dolls seem to be disappearing fast. I understand the issue with driving for a while, though. The nearest ToysRUs in my area is 2 hours away. :( We used to have one in town, but it closed down when the economy started having trouble. I can still remember being there for that ToysRUs's grand opening when I was a girl.! ;)

Glad you liked the reviews. There's one more to come, and it's actually the doll you have: Leigh. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute dude

Cure May said...

Oh your so lucky! I wish I was able to get a gavin for myself. I got into moxie teenz a bit too late and missed out on ALL of the dolls except for leigh.And the prices for gavin, first wave, and leigh have skyrocketed on amazon and ebay. *sigh* well great review, as always.

beastsbelle said...

I think so too, Anonymous. ;)

Cure May, I'm so sorry you missed out on Gavin. I happened to catch these dolls at the tail end of their production, when they were going for good prices at places like TJ Maxx and Ross. I can imagine they've gone up quite a bit. It's really a shame they were discontinued; I think they were a really unique line in the doll market.

I hope you can find a Gavin of your own someday (without having to pay an arm and a leg for him). ;)

Cure May said...

Thank you very much! I can feel my luck going 100%!

beastsbelle said...

You're welcome! :)

leah said...

hey he's a boy. you could pretend that he got scares on him in those rough boy games.