Monday, November 26, 2012

Moxie Teenz Leigh Doll Review

Since I'm on a roll with the Moxie Teenz, I thought I'd do my final Moxie Teenz review today.  This is the Leigh doll from the 3rd wave of MTs.  

Leigh in her box.

The back of the box, slightly different than Gavin's, which pictured him in the foreground and the four girls in the background.

Leigh's pretty face.

Leigh's heels.

There are two different looks to her dress...I'll explain later.

Here is lovely Leigh, relieved to be free from her box.

A back view of her long hair...

...and her dress, too.

She has great coloring.

This Leigh has some glue underneath one set of eyelashes.

She has much simpler earrings than the long, dangling ones that Bijou and Arizona wore.

Her bright gold necklace.

Her shimmery skirt.

This wave of Moxie Teenz dolls didn't wear rings, but you can see that they used the same mold and just filled in the ring hole. :}

She has the same knee and wrist articulation as the older dolls.

A closer look at her golden heels.

You can see her ankle joint even with the shoes on.

So now to this "two different looks" business.  This is how the dress looks when you take her out of the box.

There are two tiny, clear buttons at the front of her dress, just below the bodice line.

And under her skirt, she has two ribbons with loops on the end.

To get Leigh's "new look", you simply hook the loop of the ribbon onto the clear button...

...then repeat on the other side.  Frankly, I'm not that impressed with this version of the dress.  Also, a helpful hint for those of you who end up with a doll like this:  it's much easier to get the ribbon loop on the button when the dress is off of the doll...or so I've heard. ;)

A few piccys:

I thought I'd share a few comparison pics of Bijou and Leigh (I don't have Arizona anymore or I'd include her too).  I don't know if you can see it, but there is a slight variation in their face molds.  Leigh's face looks wider and flatter with a pointier chin, and her eyes are a little less round than Bijou's.

Speaking of Bijou, here she is.  I love the warmth and depth of her eyes.

As you already know from earlier posts, Bijou has a removable wig.

Leigh, however, has rooted hair, just like all of the other dolls in her wave.

A look at Bijou's large earrings...much bigger than Leigh's golden stud earrings.

Their necklaces appear to be identical in pattern.  I prefer the coloring on Bijou's, though.  It looks more naturally golden.

Bijou also has a ring (my favorite of her accessories, so of course I had to share a picture of it again!). ;)

Both girls are gorgeous, and the fact that Leigh was only made once makes her a unique addition to any collection. 

I thought I'd take some pictures of Leigh with Gavin to see how they looked together (sorry, Bijou!). ;) 

I have to say, I love Gavin's hands in this pose.  It's so nice when dolls can pose naturally. :)

The Three Musketeers.  Maybe.  Now girls, no fighting over Gavin! ;)  

So, my overall thoughts?  Leigh is very pretty, and her formal attire obviously fits Gavin's suit much better.  She is a unique doll because of her limited release, and she has stunning coloring (not to mention a dress that reminds me a lot of Belle's). ;)  Her rooted hair is nice because it doesn't fall off like Bijou's.  However, the quality isn't the greatest, and with all those curls it would be prone to frizz with too much play.  

I also prefer the older, softer face molds and clothing versatility of the 1st wave of Moxie Teenz.  Still, I think Leigh deserves a 4 out of 5. :)

I've been working like mad to get through my review posts in draft, and there are more scheduled posts on their way, so I'll talk to all of you again soon! :D


Anonymous said...

She is a very lovely doll.

Tirin said...

I have this doll and I totally agree on the coloring - it's gorgeous. Her body is also beautifully proportioned and she stands rock solid, which surprised me.

I think she has a cheap feel because of the hollow plastic body. If she had been solid like Monster High, now that would have been something!

Also there's something weird about her head shape. The distance from the eyes to the top of the head is too short. I prefer to keep her hair a little big on the top - she looks more balanced that way.

Thank you for sharing your hobby! It's so much fun to read about all the different dolls :-D

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for commenting, Tirin! :) You shared some great points.

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. :)

Megan Rose said...

I have Melrose in this wave and at the time of eBuying her I thought she had a wig. She remains locked in her box but perhaps I should free her. Wish I could get a Gavin.

beastsbelle said...

Hi Megan! These are really pretty dolls, although the first wave was definitely the most fun as far as accessories and details.

I hope you can find a Gavin someday. He's one of my favorite male fashion dolls. I just wish I could find more clothing for him! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I am dreaming of having Leigh too! She is easier to find than Bijou on Ebay UK but too expensive for my taste.
How could you not keep Arizona? She has the most beautiful greenish blue eyes. Poor Arizona!
As I said before, I love them all! I like Tristen for her gothic touch, Melrose for her fantastic beauty, Arizona for her fabulous eyes colour, Leigh because she reminds me of Scarlett O'hara and Vivien Leigh of course, her name helps!, Bijou is so precious and rare...
These are fabulous dolls! :-)