Saturday, November 10, 2012

Disney Store 2012 Singing Rapunzel Doll Review

Okay, I feel rather sheepish...and a bit ashamed of my math skills.  Apparently all of my eBay auctions are ending tomorrow (Sunday), not today as I mentioned in my earlier post. :}  I guess I was counting Tuesday when I did all of my 5 day listings that day.  Whoops.  I never was good at that counting stuff.  That's why I stick to dolls. ;)  But moving on.

While at my last Disney Store stop on my trip, I couldn't decide between Singing Belle or Singing Rapunzel, so I finally decided to splurge and get both.  The sale price was excellent and they were both beautiful dolls.  I'm so glad I brought her home too. :)

By the way, I won't go into as much detail on this post because a lot of the information about Singing Rapunzel is information I just shared in my review post on Singing Belle, which you can view HERE. :)

Here's Rapunzel in her box.

Side view.

Back view.

Rapunzel in her sparkly makeover.

Other Side View.

Her pretty face. :)

The "Try Me" opening at the front of the box.

The box also tells which song she sings.

Once again, nice, uncomplicated packaging. :)

And here is Rapunzel, even more amazing out of her box than she is in it.

Her eyes are a deep green, not really movie accurate, but lovely just the same. ;)

I didn't lighten her freckles because I felt they were subtle enough.  Also, I know from experience that the freckles are a lot harder to remove on the singing dolls (which is why my 2010 Singing Rapunzel is still freckled, too).

Rapunzel's detailed bodice...

...and very glittery skirt trimmed with lace.

She came in these lavender ballet flats.

Here's a picture of her speaker, identifying marks, and battery case (she takes cell button batteries just like Belle).

Her on/off switch.  

Her hair almost reaches her feet when she stands.  The weird lines on the right are there because of the way she was packaged.

Ravishing Rapunzel. ;)

And a closer look, just cause she takes such great photos! ;)

I thought I'd include a comparison between 2010 Singing Rapunzel and 2012 Rapunzel, especially since my 2010 Rapunzel is in her original clothing (even though she was a thrift store find).

Here's a face comparison.  2012 Singing Rapunzel is much more "glamorous" than her 2010 friend. ;)  

A closer look at 2010 Rapunzel's bodice and skirt.  I love the beautiful detail of the fabric.  The coloring on this dress is closer to the coloring of the movie dress.

2012 Rapunzel's bodice and skirt.

2010 Rapunzel has much simpler lace at the neckline...

...while 2012 Rapunzel's is more dressy.

2010 Rapunzel also came with netting under her dress to make it poof out (I love it when dolls include this!).

2012 Rapunzel did not come with netting.

Just like 2010 Belle, 2010 Rapunzel has two small metal dots on her palm to activate her singing.

And 2012 Rapunzel has one metal dot on her palm, just like 2012 Belle.

The hair comparison is a little difficult since 2010 Rapunzel's hair is in her braid (and I didn't especially want to take it out just for the review). ;)  You might notice from the picture that 2010 Rapunzel's hair has the same iridescent strands in it that the 2010 12" Rapunzel has.  2012 Rapunzel's hair is plain.

If you're interested in seeing my full review of 2010 Singing Rapunzel, click HERE.

And here's a comparison of 2012 Singing Belle and 2012 12" Classic Rapunzel.  I don't remember if I mentioned this on my Belle review, but you'll notice from the picture that the singing dolls are only articulated at the elbows, while the 12" dolls are articulated at both the elbows and wrists.  Also, the singing dolls have no ankle articulation (like the 12" dolls), but both dolls have articulated knees.

A facial comparison.

Singing Rapunzel has just a bit more detail on her dress:  the lace at the neckline of her bodice and the ruffles at the ends of her sleeves are missing from 12" Rapunzel's dress.  

To see my full review of 12" Rapunzel, click HERE. :)

I hoped you enjoyed both of the Singing Doll reviews.  Which is your favorite, Belle or Rapunzel?


MulanFan_95 said...

I think Belle is much more prettier and she surpasses the last Singing Belle doll, for sure. As for Rapunzel, I preferred the 2011 doll for her. I think she was gorgeous and I loved her dress! I have mixed feelings about this one. Her face is pretty, but she reminds me of a duck for some reason. I think her dress is pretty and I love the super big skirt!
PS: Did you notice they only switched the bodice and skirt colors for this wave of Rapunzel dolls?
If I had to get a Singing Doll, I think I'd choose Mulan! She had a major improvement with her red overskirt! After all, I'm MulanFan_95!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for sharing, MulanFan_95. :)

I have yet to see the 2011 Singing Rapunzel in person, but I have enjoyed seeing pictures of her. :)

It's interesting that they switched the bodice and skirt colors. I hadn't really thought about it until you mentioned it. :}

If you get a Mulan, I'd love to see pics. :) And yes, she would be the perfect doll for you considering your username. ;)

The Siren said...

I love your review!! Beautiful photos and of course, beautiful doll :P hehehe I have the other Rapunzel singing doll and I wanted this too, but when I went to the Disney Store it has sold out, so I buy the Mulan singing doll (well, it was a present).
I love your blog and all your reviews!!

beastsbelle said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the review and my other posts too. :)

Mulan is lovely too...maybe someday you can add a Rapunzel to your collection as well. :)

Thanks for commenting. :)

Katrine said...

I found this particular rapunzel at a goodwill yesterday for $2.89. She didn't come with her dress and her hair was rather tangled (pun not intended) but i thought it was a good deal, and i fixed her hair with some brushing. I really love the size of these dolls and i'm absolutely in love with her. It's been so long since I've scored at goodwill. Great review btw. She's such a great addition to any tangled fan's collection.